You already have a ‘Six-pack’!

You already have a ‘Six-pack’! The problem is, it is covered by a layer of ugly fat. The 6-pack program has a 3 prong approach. 1. A healthy fat burning diet. 2. Overcoming stress, anxiety and depression. 3. A daily exercise program, to burn excess fat and build muscle. The most relevant muscle groups to …


‘WELCOME’ SUBLIMINAL AFFIRMATION MP3  DIRECTORY Guaranteed Satisfaction – or your money back.   New Products ‘Welcome’ subliminal affirmation MP3’s are available with an expanding range of music, environmental sounds and binaural foreground sounds. There will soon be more than 1,000 ‘Welcome’ subliminal affirmation MP3 variants to choose from. ‘Click’ to open individual product page. WELCOME A …

Welcome A Healthy Child

The “Welcome a healthy child’ MP3 is designed to encourage a healthy life style and attitude in childhood, so that it can continue into and through adulthood too.

These Welcome subliminal affirmations are designed to guide the minds of children of all ages with short simple messages of encouragement.

They can be listened to at almost anytime, but are most effective when asleep.

They do not require prior therapy because they do not have the critical conscious mind of an adults.

Welcome Peak Performance

You can welcome peak performance by first changing your attitude and self-beliefs about yourself.

Then forcing yourself to raise your personal standards by being surrounded with other people who have the attitudes, health, vitality, resources and relationships you aspire to achieve for yourself.

Peak performance starts with developing one’s emotional intelligence.

That really means dealing with the negative emotions, self-limiting beliefs and behaviours that have held us back from our full potential until now.

Why ‘Welcome’ Subliminal Affirmations Are Best. Our ‘Welcome’ Subliminal Affirmations have been designed by Peter Zapfella who is an internationally qualified and recognized Master Hypnotist. He graduated from the Australian Academy of Hypnotic Science in Melbourne in 1995, under the stewardship of the late Doctor James Goulding  (AUS)(who trained under Gil Boyne in the USA), Joane Goulding  (AUS) LMASCH., LMAACHP, Emeritus MPCHA, MATMS. …