The Phobia List

The World’s Most Complete List of

Irrational Fears and Phobia’s

The Phobia List

Fear is a normal emotion within us all. It is related to the survival instinct. It alerts us to a threat, and prepares us for action – either ‘fight or flight’. This is The Phobia List.

The fear reaction may be either:

  • Non-existent,
  • mild,
  • normal,
  • elevated

When a fear is said to be ‘irrational’ or illogical, absurd, nonsensical, or ridiculous – we call it a ‘phobia’. There are three types of phobias;

Somewhere between 10 – 20 per cent of people suffer from at least one significant phobia. It is the most common mental disorder among women and the second most common in men world-wide.

The feeling of fear may be accompanied by heart palpitations, ‘cold sweats’, clammy hands, ‘butterfly stomach’ sensations, dizziness, and an overwhelming need to ‘run away’ and ‘escape’. This is often, but not always accompanied by feelings of intense ‘worry’ or ‘anxiety’.

When confronted with the feared situation, the sufferer may even have a ‘panic attack’, the spontaneous onset of intense fear that makes them feel as if they might stop breathing and pass out, or even have a heart attack and die.

Sufferers usually know their fear is unfounded, they know it is an illusion. But they are powerless to control the terrible feelings that overcome them, often at the most inconvenient and embarrassing moments.

In the past phobias were treated with expensive, slow, often unsuccessful, and sometimes traumatic ‘systematic desensitization’ methods. Other methods of control included: denial, dissociation or distraction.

Symptoms can be temporarily treated with medications such as the commonly prescribed benzodiazepines, which include Valium (diazepam), Xanax (alprazolam), Klonopin (clonazepam) and Ativan (lorazepam). But the inevitable side effects are the problem –  drowsiness and addiction. Remember no medication can be considered safe in all circumstances, and it is important to review your medications with your doctor from time-to-time. The risk of addiction will vary depending on the dose and drugs you are using. It is never a good idea to quit any medication without first consulting your doctor.

Peter Zapfella – The Phobia List.

You need never suffer from the debilitating effects of a phobia (intense irrational fear) and that anxiety (elevated worry) again – there is a better way.

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The Phobia List

This list of irrational fears or phobia’s is constantly  expanding. If you cannot find a specific phobia listed here please let us know.

Fear of bathing/showering (ablutophobia)

Fear of itching (acarophobia)

Fear of darkness (achluophobia)

Fear of noise (acousticophobia)

Fear of drafts and air movement (aerophobia)

Fear of wind (anemophobia)

Fear of pain (agliophobia)

Fear of open spaces (agoraphobia)

Fear of wild animals (agrizoophobia)

Fear of crossing the street (agyrophobia)

Fear of chickens (alektorophobia)

Fear of garlic (alliumphobia)

Fear of opinions (allodoxaphobia)

Fear of dust (amathophobia)

Fear of riding in a car (amaxophobia)

Fear of walking (ambulophobia)

Fear of being scratched (amychophobia)

Fear of looking up (anablephobia)

Fear of turning right

Fear of turning left

Fear of stopping

Fear of men (androphobia)

Fear of flowers (anthophobia)

Fear of floods (antlophobia)

Fear of staying single (anuptaphobia)

Fear of infinity (apeirophobia)

Fear of bees (apiphobia)

Fear of peanut butter (arachibutyrophobia)

Fear of numbers (arithmophobia)

Fear of fainting (asthenophobia)

Fear of celestial space (astrophobia)

Fear of muscular inco-orinadtion (ataxiophobia)

Fear of untidiness (ataxophobia)

Fear of imperfection (atelophobia)

Fear of being ignored or forgotten (athazagoraphobia)

Fear of gold (aurophobia)

abundance, affluence, assets, belongings, bounty, cache, capital, cash, clover, commodities, copiousness, dough, fortune, gold, goods, hoard, lucre, luxury, means, opulence, plenty, possessions, property, prosperity, revenue, riches, security, store, substance, treasure, wealth, worth

Fear of northern lights (auroraphobia)

Fear of ventriloquist dummies and statues (automatonophobia)

Fear of being dirty (automysophobia)

Fear of flying (aviophobia)

Fear of microbes (bacillophobia)

Fear of bullets and missiles (ballistophobia)

Fear of gravity (barophobia)

Fear of inability to stand (basophobia)

Fear of depth (bathophobia)

Fear of amphibians (batrachophobia)

Fear of books (bibliophobia)

Fear of bogeymen (bogyphobia)

Fear of body odours (bromidrosiphobia)

Fear of toads (bufonophobia)

Fear of ugliness (cacophobia)

Fear of new things and novelty (cainophobia)

Fear of beautiful women (caligynephobia)

Fear of cancer (carcinophobia)

Fear of the heart (cardiophobia)

Fear of meat (carnophobia)

Fear of being ridiculed (catagelophobia)

Fear of jumping (catapedaphobia)

Fear of hair (chaetophobia)

Fear of chemicals (chemophobia)

Fear of snow (chionophobia)

Fear of being touched (chiraptophobia)

Fear of anger (cholerophobia)

Fear of dancing (chorophobia)

Fear of money (chrometophobia)

Cash, money, $, trade, pay, payment, dollars, cents

Fear of colors/colors (chromophobia)

Fear of lumpy food.

Fear of anything but white food.

Fear of clocks (chronomentrophobia

Fear of food (cibophobia)

Fear of being locked in (cleisiophobia)

Fear of stairs (climacophobia)

Fear of going to bed (clinophobia)

Fear of cemeteries (coimetrophobia)

Fear of sexual abuse (contreltophobia)

Fear of constipation (coprastasophobia)

Fear of faeces (coprophobia

Fear of clowns (coulrophobia)

Fear of precipices (cremnophobia)

Fear of extreme cold (cryophobia)

Fear of crystals and glass (crystallophobia)

Fear of bicycles (cyclophobia)

Fear of making decisions (decidophobia)

Fear of painful bowel movements (defecaloesiophobia)

Fear of dining (deipnophobia)

Fear of insanity (dementophobia)

Fear of demons (demonophobia)

Fear of trees (dendrophobia)

Fear of skin lesions (dermatophobia)

Fear of schools (didaskaleinophobia)

Fear of school teachers

affirmation, awareness, cognizance, flashback, hypnosis. nlp, memory, recall, recognition, recollection, reflection, remembrance, retention, Subliminal

Fear of justice (dikephobia)

Fear of judges and magistrates

Fear of dizziness (dinophobia)

Beyond fear of double vision (diplophobia)

Beyond fear of drinking (dipsophobia)

Beyond fear of undressing in front of someone (dishabiliophobia)

Fear of houses (domatophobia)

Fear of animal fur or skin (doraphobia)

Fear of crossing the road (dromophobia)

Fear of deformity (dysmorphophobia)

Fear of accidents (dystychiphobia)

Fear of church (ecclesiophobia)

Fear of mirrors or refection of oneself in a mirror (eisoptrophobia)

Fear of being photographed

Fear of electricity (electrophobia)

Fear of freedom (eleutherophobia)

Fear of vomiting (emetophobia)

Fear of pins (enetophobia)

Fear of crowds (enochlophobia)

Fear of committing an unpardonable sin (enosiophobia)

Fear of daylight or dawning day (eosophobia)

Fear of nosebleeds (epistaxiophobia)

Fear of knowledge (epistemophobia)

Fear of horses (equinophobia)

Fear of being ones self (eremophobia)

Fear of blushing (ereuthrophobia)

Fear of work (ergophobia)

Fear of sexual love (erotophobia)

Fear of hearing good news (euphobia)

Fear of female genitalia (eurotophobia)

Fear of fever (febriphobia)

Fear of cold (frigophobia)

Fear of marriage (gamophobia)

Fear of laughter (geliophobia)

Fear of chins (geniophobia)

Fear of knees (genuphobia)

Fear of growing old (gerascophobia)

Fear of nudity (gymnophobia)

Fear of hell (hadephobia)

Fear of saints or holy things (hagiophobia)

Fear of being robbed (harpaxophobia)

Fear of feeling pleasure (hedonophobia)

Fear of the sun (heliophobia)

Fear of blood (hemophobia)

Fear of reptiles (herpetophobia)

Fear of opposite sex (heterophobia)

Fear of road travel (hodophobia)

Fear of fog (homichlophobia)

Fear of sermons (homilophobia)

Fear of firearms (hoplophobia)

Fear of water (hydrophobia)

Fear of responsibility (hypegiaphobia)

Fear of fish (ichthyophobia)

Fear of vertigo (illyngophobia)

Fear of insects (insectophobia)

Fear of Poison (iophobia)

Fear of solitude (isolophobia)

Fear of penis (ithyphallophobia)

Fear of Jews (Judeophobia)

Fear of novelty (kainolophobia)

Fear of ridicule (katagelophobia)

Beyond fear of sitting (kathisophobia)

Fear of empty spaces (kenophobia)

Fear of motion (kinetophobia)

Fear of stealing (kleptophobia)

Fear of fatigue (kopophobia)

Fear of dust (koniophobia)

Fear of stooping (kyphophobia)

Fear of leprosy (leprophobia)

Fear of the color white (leukophobia)

Fear of load noises (igyrophobia)

Fear of lakes (limnophobia)

Fear of string (linonophobia)

Fear of lawsuits – litigation (liticaphobia)

Fear of childbirth (lockiophobia)

Fear of words (logophobia)

Fear of syphilis (luiphobia)

Fear of darkness (lygophobia)

Fear of cooking (mageirocophobia)

Fear of love play (malaxophobia)

Fear of punishment (mastigophobia)

Fear of machines (mechanophobia)

Fear of music (melophobia)

Fear of menstration (menophobia)

Fear of being tied up (merinthophobia)

Fear of changes (metathesiophobia)

Fear of alcohol (methyphobia)

Fear of small things (microphobia)

Fear of dirt or germs (misophobia)

Fear of memories (mnemophobia)

Fear of motor vehicles (motorphobia)

Fear of mice (musophobia)

Fear of mushrooms (mycophobia)

Fear of slime (myxophobia)

Fear of death (necrophobia)

Fear of new drugs (neopharmaphobia)

Fear of anything new (neophobia)

Fear of clouds (nephophobia)

Fear of night (noctiphobia)

Fear of names (nomatophobia)

Fear of hospitals (nosocomephobia)

Fear of stepmothers (novercaphobia)

Fear of numbers (numerophobia)

Fear of vehicles (ochophobia)

Fear of pain (odynophobia)

Fear of wines (oenophobia)

Fear of home (oikophobia)

Fear of smell (olfactophobia)

Fear of rain (ombrophobia)

anxiety, aversion, avoidance, detestation, disgust, dislike, distaste, dread, fear, hatred, irrationality, loathing, neurosis, obsession, panic, phobia, repulsion, resentment, revulsion, terror

Fear of eyes (ommetaphobia)

Fear of snakes (ophidiophobia)

Fear of stared at by people (ophthalmophobia)

Fear of birds (ornithophobia)

Fear of smells (osphresiophobia)

Fear of shellfish (ostraconophobia)

Fear of heaven (ouranophobia)

Fear of ice or frost (pagophobia)

Fear of disease (panthophobia)

Fear of the Pope (Papaphobia)

Fear of paper (papyrophobia)

Fear of parasites (parasitophobia)

Fear of sinning (peccatophobia)

Fear of dolls (pediophobia)

Fear of children (pedophobia)

Fear of going bald (phalacrophobia)

Fear of medication (pharmacophobia)

Fear of ghosts (phasmophobia)

Fear of kissing (philemaphobia)

Fear of falling in love (philophobia)

blast, bukkake, bust, bust a load, bust a nut, climacteric, climax, coitus, coming, cream, crest, culminate, cum, delirium, ecstasy, ecstatic, élan., fornication, frenzy, glow, go, hysteria, jazz, juice, making it with, nut, orgasmic, peak, pinnacle, pop. shoot, rapture, ravishment, screw, seizure, splooge, splurge, sponge, unload, wad

Fear of phobias (phobophobia)

Fear of noises (phonophobia)

Fear of tuberculosis (phthisiophobia)

Fear of tombstones (placophobia)

Fear of wealth (plutophobia)

abundance, affluence, assets, belongings, bounty, cache, capital, cash, clover, commodities, copiousness, dough, fortune, gold, goods, hoard, lucre, luxury, means, opulence, plenty, possessions, property, prosperity, revenue, riches, security, store, substance, treasure, wealth, worth

Fear of beards (pogonophobia)

Fear of punishment (poinephobia)

Fear of rectums (proctophobia)

Fear of flying (pteromerhanophobia)

aspiration, craving, desire, drive, eagerness, enthusiasm, fire in belly, get up, go for it, hankering, hope, hunger, initiative, itch, keenness, longing, lust, passion, pretention, pull, push, striving, thirst, vigour, yearning, zeal

Fear of puppets (pupaphobia)

Fear of fire (pyrophobia)

Fear of radiation X rays (radiophobia)

Fear of frogs (ranidaphobia)

Fear of punishment (rhabdophobia)

Fear of defecation (rhypophobia)

Fear of getting wrinkles (rhytiphobia)

Fear of dirt (rupophobia)

Fear of Russians (Russophobia)

Fear of Halloween (samhainophobia)

Fear of love play (sarmassophobia)

Fear of Satan – Devil (satanophobia)

Fear of scabies (scabiophobia)

Fear of burglars (scelerophobia)

Fear of shadows (sciophobia)

Fear of worms (scoleciphobia)

Fear of blindness (scotomaphobia)

Fear of writing in public (scriptophobia)

Fear of the moon (selenophobia)

Fear of decaying matter (seplophobia)

Fear of trains (siderodromophobia)

Fear of stars (siderophobia)

Fear of left handedness (sinistrophobia)

Fear of wasps (sphexsophobia)

Fear of the crucifix (staurophobia)

Fear of narrow places (stenophobia)

Fear of symbolism (symbolophobia)

Fear of symmetry (symmetrophobia)

Fear of relatives (yngenesophobia)

Fear of syphilis (syphilophobia)

Fear of speed (tachophobia)

Fear of being buried alive (taphephobia)

Fear of being contagious (tapinophobia)

Fear of bulls (taurophobia)

Fear of technology (technophobia)

Fear of definite plans (teleophobia)

Fear of taking exams and tests (testophobia)

Fear of the sea (thalassophobia)

Fear of death and dying (thanatophobia)

Fear of theatres (theatrophobia)

Fear of heat (thermophobia)

Fear of childbirth (tocophobia)

Fear of poison (toxiphobia)

Fear of injury (traumatophobia)

Fear of trembling  (tremophobia)

Fear of the number 13 (triskaidekaphobia)

Fear of heaven (uranophobia)

Fear of urine (urophobia)

Fear of vaccinations (vaccinophobia)

Fear of beautiful women (venustraphobia)

Fear of words (verbophobia)

Fear of germs (verminophobia)

Fear of clothing (vestiphobia)

Fear of rape (virginitiphobia)

Fear of stepfathers (vitricophobia)

Fear of witches (wiccaphobia)

Fear of the colour yellow (xanthophobia)

Fear of strangers (xenophobia)

Fear of dryness (xerophobia)

Fear of forests (xylophobia)

Fear of jealousy (zelophobia)

Fear of God (zeusophobia)

Fear of animals (zoophobia)

The Phobia List is subject to updates and changes.



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