666 Weight Loss

goal with out a plan
                                        A goal without a plan is just a wish.

666 Weight Loss

A very simple way to start your weight loss program is called 666 Weight Loss.

Do not eat anything between 6.00PM and 6.00AM 6 days a week. You can drink water only during this period, definiatly no alcohol, no fizzy drinks or fruit juices – just water. This is not about deprivation because you should be preparing for and experiencing sleep during that period.

One day a week you can eat after 6.00PM and before 6.00AM. from 6.00AM to 6.00PM you can eat normally.

People who eat within 2 hours of sleep, who eat nocturnally risk weight gain.

People who have little self-discipline generally have difficulty losing excess weight too.

The daily 12 hour fast teaches you not to eat in the 2 hour period before sleep. It teaches you not to eat nocturnally. It teaches you self-discipline.

Yes, you’ll be hungry at times—but it’s not necessarily overwhelming or constant.

Challenging the short-term urges to eat will reward you with development of new habits of behavior and weight loss.

It may also lower blood glucose levels and insulin resistance and reduce inflammation and cardiovascular risk.

“Studies suggest you keep more muscle and lose more fat than on other diets, even if you lose the same number of pounds.” That’s because after about 12 hours of fasting, you run out of stored energy from carbohydrates and start burning stored fat.