Sugary soft drinks and soda culprit in obesity battle

Sugary soft drinks and soda culprit in obesity battle. A meta-analysis of 30 research studies published between 2013 and 2015 (and none of them industry sponsored), covering 244,651 people have concluded that soft drinks, energy drinks and sweetened fruit juices are responsible, in a BIG way, for childhood and adult obesity. Continue reading “Sugary soft drinks and soda culprit in obesity battle”


FOCUS your thought and FOCUS your energy.

Our unconscious mind has been ‘hardwired’ for survival, to move away from PAIN toward PLEASURE. Therefore FOCUS upon the positive results and ignore the negative. Your unconscious will more quickly manifest what you FOCUS your energy upon. Of course your unconscious mind may have energy ‘blocks’ (including addiction, depression, anxiety, trauma, (PTSD), phobia’s and self limiting beliefs etc), in which case you need assistance from Peter Zapfella.


Addiction is NOT a disease

Addiction is dis-ease.

Quit addictions, dependencies and bad habits to tobacco, alcohol, gambling, caffeine, chocolate, cola, sugar, methamphetamine, marijuana, painkillers (codeine, ibuprofen etc), gaming, television, mobile/cell phones, Internet, collecting junk, hoarding, pornography, cults, shopping, in Darwin, Bali, Mandurah and Perth with advanced hypnotherapy and Neuro Linguistic Programming.