When we make a choice it is a logical, rational decision made between two or more options. It often involves an analytical cognitive thinking process within the cerebral cortex, or fore brain.

Humans are not born with the ability to think in this way; it is learnt. Children do not appear to have the ability to think analytically until about the age of seven, when their consciousness breaks the surface. Before that they are largely thinking unconsciously.

Unconscious thinking is instinctive. It occurs mainly in the ganglia and the base of the brain. This portion of the brain is sometimes referred to as the reptilian brain, or bird-brain as it is the original brain of mammals and other higher order animals. Birds, fish and reptiles only have this early brain, and they are only capable of instinctive thought. Continue reading “CHOICES …CHOICES …CHOICES”


FOCUS your thought and FOCUS your energy.

Our unconscious mind has been ‘hardwired’ for survival, to move away from PAIN toward PLEASURE. Therefore FOCUS upon the positive results and ignore the negative. Your unconscious will more quickly manifest what you FOCUS your energy upon. Of course your unconscious mind may have energy ‘blocks’ (including addiction, depression, anxiety, trauma, (PTSD), phobia’s and self limiting beliefs etc), in which case you need assistance from Peter Zapfella.