Deep Hypnotic Relaxation

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Peter Zapfella has recorded the ‘Deep Hypnotic Relaxation’ MP3 using the same hypnotic script he uses on stage in his Comedy Hypnosis Shows, to guide volunteer performers into a state of profound hypnosis. Imagine the absolute level of relaxation you can achieve in the comfort of your own home?


In this fast-paced world where everyone wants it all NOW! We face the pressures of stress from everywhere and everyone.

Now you can take a few minutes each day to relax and let all that stress go.

If you suffer from disturbed sleep and insomnia, you can use this FREE MP3 to release those thoughts that used to keep you awake when you should have been asleep.

As your unconscious mind regularly listens and responds to the voice of Peter Zapfella, a confidence and trust will build at the unconscious level of mind, thereby making the effectiveness of the ‘Welcome’ subliminal affirmation messages even more effective.



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