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Forgiveness does not mean forgetting the past.

Forgiveness does not mean condoning or excusing past offenses. Welcome forgiveness.


Forgiveness does not mean forgetting the past. Forgiveness does not mean condoning or excusing past offenses. Welcome forgiveness.

Forgiveness is releasing the negativity from the past; the resentment, anger, hurt and vengeance – be they your own or other’s. Synonyms for the word forgiveness include; absolution, amnesty, clemency, compassion, dispensation, grace, mercy, remission, reprieve, vindication, acquittal, charity, exoneration, extenuation, immunity, impunity, indemnity, justification, leniency, purgation, quarter, quittance, remittal and respite.

These positive affirmations have been written to inspire your unconscious mind to focus upon one clear achievable goal, one clear, simple step at a time. The more these messages are repeated, the more they are uncritically accepted b your unconscious.

If you listen to this MP3 while sleeping, on ‘repeat’ your unconscious mind will hear this message around 500 times every night. A simple message, repeated enough, becomes a new unconscious belief.

Because we all have different listening preferences, we offer a choice of either gentle ‘lake waves’, or pleasant ‘guitar and piano’ foreground music, to mask the spoken subliminal affirmations. You can download whichever match your style and mood, although we suggest you use both versions to ‘mix-it-up’.

If you had a bucket of mud (representing negative emotions and behaviors), but you wanted a bucket of clean fresh water (representing positive emotions and behaviors), you could put the bucket of mud under a tap and run fresh clean water (representing subliminal affirmations) into the bucket. But it would take a long time, and you would still have a bucket of muddy water. That is an analogy of how most subliminal affirmation downloads currently available on the Internet work, or perhaps do not work. Peter Zapfella uses his one-on-one therapies to ‘throw out’ or delete the mud (representing negative emotions and behaviors) and then you can choose to use the ‘Welcome’ Subliminal Affirmations to quickly and efficiently refill the bucket with fresh clean water (representing positive emotions and behaviors). No mud!

Everyone of us is unique. We have all had different life experiences and we react to them differently too. By listening to these subliminal messages, you can train your unconscious mind to develop these principals of excellence. While these qualities will be adopted in time, they can be ‘blocked’ by pre-existing negative emotions and deep unconscious beliefs.

Most emotional and behavioural challenges can respond well to one-on-one psychotherapy tailored to the individual, using Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), hypnotherapy and perhaps cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT). That is why Peter Zapfella suggests you start with one-on-one therapy using Skype @, and then use the ‘Welcome’ subliminal affirmations to ‘lock-in’ the unconscious shifts long-term.

Of course, you can ‘flip-it’ and try the ‘Welcome’ MP3’s first, and see if they are effective for you without therapy. If so, that’s great. If not, go to

Subliminal Affirmation Text: 

“Forgiveness is release of feelings of resentment or vengeance toward self and those who have harmed you, whether or not they deserve it.

You are capable of moving beyond past errors and mistakes, be they yours or others.

You release the past, as it disappears over the horizon behind you, into the dust. You step out into the future of infinite possibilities with courage.

Anger and judgment dissolve away, as they are transform into love and compassion.

Forgiveness is release of negativity, which makes you feel happy.

You are now more clear in the mind, more relaxed in the body, you are coping better with everything and everybody… more confident… greater self control… the way you feel is becoming better and better… because the burden has been lifted for ever and ever now that you have greater forgiveness in your life.”

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