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There are an endless supply of pills, devices, techniques and surgery for increasing penis size. At this time, none have been proven to successfully work permanently, some including surgery, cause permanent disfigurement, and some are dangerous. What is a safe, natural alternative?


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There are an endless supply of pills, devices, techniques and surgery for increasing penis size. At this time, none have been proven to successfully work permanently. Some cause lasting disfigurement (including surgery) and some are dangerous to health. Welcome Natural Penis Enlargement

These include vacuum pumps, stretching devices, weight’s, and almost endless supply of pills, creams  and supplements. None of these pills are manufactured, tested and controlled by government authorities. We don’t know anything about where they were made, who made them, or what is in them. We place about as much trust in these pills as we do the illicit drug dealer down the street, perhaps more.

Surgical fat grafting of the penis is plagued with complications such as deformities and curvature due to formation of nodules or calcified fat. Too much fat injected can impair erection and may lead to an ugly,  lumpy appearance. A penis does not naturally contain fat cells. As a result much eventually dissolves away and the penis shrinks. The positive results of this surgery is not permanent.

A surgical nurse working in a South East Asian hospital told me how one night 5 army soldiers were admitted to the emergency casualty ward. They  conspired together to inject each others penises with industrial grade silicone, in a futile attempt to make their penises larger. ‘All five patients were treated with excision of penile shaft skin down to buck’s fascia followed by resurfacing with split thickness skin grafting.” The result was not only painful and ugly. It also caused “gross distortion and sexual dysfunction. Ultimately skin graft contraction eventually lead to shortening of their penile shafts.”

Penis Enlargement

A well-balanced intake of vitamins and minerals will be more beneficial to your over-all health and well being, and perhaps natural penis enlargement? Avoiding certain foods, such as sugar, fats and tofu may help too.

The following will assist you Welcome Natural Penis Enlargement.

  • Bananas – potassium and vitamin B.
  • Pumpkin seeds – zinc.
  • Celery – trace minerals
  • Watermelon – arginine, an amino acid that encourages testosterone production.
  • Apricots – lycopene

The erectile tissue in a penis is a spongy material called corpus cavernosum. It fills with blood causing an erection. The penis is not made -up of fat cells.

Strengthening the pelvic floor muscles with PC Kegel exercises, which are responsible for controlling and restricting the blood flow which causes increased blood pressure, can potentially stretch the corpus cavernosum and eventually create larger erections. This is not proven by clinical research, but then again … how can it be proven clinically?

Research does prove that PC Kegel exercises do in fact overcome both Premature Ejaculation (PE) and Erectile Dysfunction (ED). It also prevents urinary incontinence,  stronger orgasms in men, and the ability to control and hold an erection for longer periods. For this reason we recommend you take a few minutes in every day to do Kegel PC exercises for a period of no less than 6 months.

Peter Zapfella has written a FREE E-Book to accompany this MP3, which will be available soon. It includes loads of valuable information, about natural penis enlargements –  including detailed Kegel PC instructions.

All men, particularly when younger, have compared their manhood to others. In the gym,  locker room, saunas, at public urinals, when watching porno’s. But there is a BIG problem with this approach. Professor of Urology Dr Tobias Kohler said “Flaccid penile length doesn’t correlate with erect penile length.” There are ‘showers’ and ‘growers’. For some men the difference of size between a flaccid (soft) penis and a erect (hard) penis is the hardness – not the size. We call these guys ‘showers’. For others, the difference between their flaccid and erect penis is like the difference between night and day. We call them ‘growers’. So which category do you fit into?

Many men are so self-conscious, the first thing they do when naked in front of other men is either ‘cover-up’ with their hands, or shake-it to get some instant growth. Penis size is closely related to a man’s self esteem, his virility, his masculinity, his athleticism. Therefore we Welcome Natural Penis Enlargement.

As a therapist I have had male client’s tell me they are concerned about their small penis size. Discussion seems to always confirm they are within the ‘average’ zone – 14 to 15.25 CM (5.5 – 6.5 inches) when fully erect.

“Average is not enough is it?

Almost all guys would like an extra inch

– Peter Zapfella.

Standard measurement is done when fully erect along the top, as you look down upon it, from the tip of the glans to the base, hard against the pubic bone.

Surveys indicate many (but not all) men of African ancestry are slightly better endowed than guys of European blood, who with Middle eastern males are slightly larger than men of various Asian backgrounds.

The data collection methods of various surveys are different too, so the results cannot be accurately compared from one survey to the next. For example, research suggests that ‘self measured’ surveys are almost always exaggerated by the individual. This is why the results of surveys vary so much.

Just like the size of someone’s nose, penis size is not a measure of masculinity. It is not a measure of strength and power. It is not even a measure of someone’s fertility. It is cosmetic … that’s all.

If you are concerned that you have a small penis compared to others, you can;

  • Do not jump to conclusions based upon comments by your friends.
  • Measure your penis correctly.
  • Only try safe, natural penis enlargement methods.
  • For women, girth is more important than length for satisfaction.
  • Great sex is a lot more than just sticking it in and jiggling it about.
  • Technique is always more important than size alone.
  • Focus upon being a master of romance and fore-play.
  • Find her ‘G-Spot’ and talk to her about how she prefers stimulation.
  • Experiment with alternatives, such as toys, oral and anal sex.
  • Discover for yourself which sexual positions most satisfy your partner.
  • The majority of women are not as concerned about the size of their partners penis as they are with his skill at using it.
  • Remember that great sex is very much in the mind.
  • Confidence and a healthy self-esteem are the greatest aphrodisiacs.
  • Download and listen to the Welcome Natural Penis Enlargement subliminal affirmation MP3 daily, starting now.

Our unconscious mind gathers information to create beliefs. These beliefs drive our behaviours and emotions too. Our unconscious mind is the ‘foreman’ of the metabolism. So, we can create unconscious emotions and beliefs with a potential to influence the body.

If you had a bucket of mud (representing negative emotions and behaviors), but you wanted a bucket of clean fresh water (representing positive emotions and behaviors), you could put the bucket of mud under a tap and run fresh clean water (representing subliminal affirmations) into the bucket. But it would take a long time, and you would still have a bucket of muddy water. That is an analogy of how most subliminal affirmation downloads currently available on the Internet work, or perhaps do not work. Peter Zapfella uses his one-on-one therapies to ‘throw out’ or delete the mud (representing negative emotions and behaviors) and then you can choose to use the ‘Welcome’ Subliminal Affirmations to quickly and efficiently refill the bucket with fresh clean water (representing positive emotions and behaviors). No mud!

Surveys show that wearing loose fitting, or no underwear (free-balling) seems to increase penis length by perhaps one half inch, over time. Logic follows that if by attaching a weight of some kind to the end of the penis, then it could perhaps increase the stretching of the  corpus cavernosum and eventually create larger erections.. This is an unproven hypothesis, so if you try it please let us know your results.

My own discussions with men who say they have consistently practiced the ‘Jelqing’ method claim they have achieved satisfactory results. No science-based research has been published to confirm these reports. If you try it please let us know your results one way or the other.

The Welcome Natural Penis Enlargement MP3 will assist you develop a positive attitude and do the things that make the difference. It is a resource used to ‘lock-in’ the unconscious shifts following one-on-one therapy with Peter Zapfella

Everyone of us is unique. We have all had different life experiences and we react to them differently too. Most emotional and behavioural challenges can respond well to one-on-one psychotherapy tailored to the individual, using Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), hypnotherapy and perhaps cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT).

That is why Peter Zapfella  suggests you start with one-on-one therapy using Skype and then use the Welcome Natural Penis Enlargement subliminal affirmation MP3 to ‘lock-in’ the unconscious shifts long-term. Of course you can ‘flip-it’ and try one of the 266 ‘Welcome’ MP3’s first, and see if they are effective for you without therapy. If so, that’s great. If not you can use

If you listen to this MP3 while sleeping, on ‘repeat’ your unconscious mind will Welcome Natural Penis Enlargement up to 500 times every night. The more these messages are repeated over and over, the more they are uncritically accepted by the unconscious.

The  Welcome Natural Penis Enlargement subliminal affirmations are simply ‘veiled’ from the conscious mind within masking music and environmental sounds to foil conscious analytical thinking, which could otherwise ‘filter out’ messages.

Why Welcome Subliminal Affirmations Are Best

Subliminal Affirmation Text:

“Your penis responds to stimulating thoughts and touch.

You love your penis and the joy it gives you.

You trim pubic hair, and control excess fat.

Everyday and in everyway you feel more proud of your penis.

It gives you more confidence than ever before.

Your penis is firmer and tougher because you practice ‘kegel’ exercises.

You have more control over your erections.

Your orgasms are more satisfying for you and your partner.

The extra blood pressure stretches the spongy material inside.

The body drives extra blood to the penis when stirred, making it swell in thickness and length.

You are now more clear in the mind, more relaxed in the body, you are more confident and coping better with everything and everybody, because you know you are free of that old sadness and self-doubt from the past.”

© Copyright 2017-18 Peter Zapfella


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Discounted $9.99


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‘Welcome’ Subliminal  Listening Guide
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