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Tracking down and landing your new dream job is easier than ever using online resources such as Google, Linked In and Facebook. You can network among experienced people, with ‘inside’ knowledge and contacts through Twitter and Linked-In.


Tracking down and landing your new dream job is easier than ever using online resources such as Google, Linked In and Facebook. You can network among experienced people, with ‘inside’ knowledge and contacts through Twitter and Linked-In.

Winning your new dream job is about having the right positive attitude and approach. Employers are looking for the applicant who;

  • Your CV must ‘stand-out’ from the crowd, and demonstrate your unique skill set, acumen, background, confidence and passion that your employer is seeking, without being overbearing or intense.
  • They are looking for the person who shares their corporate values, vision and ethos. Do your own due-diligence and demonstrate to them through your application, personal web site, social media and CV that you are that person.
  • Be aware they will look at your professional and personal social media activity, so clean it up now. Remove any and all political, religious, aggressive or disrespectful posts. See
  • Deliver a custom CV and personalised application letter to every prospective employer.
  • Highlight your achievements – not job descriptions. They want to hear about your outstanding awards, promotions, sales figures, and targets won.
  • Research the business as much as they will research you. Speak their language – use their terminologies back at them. Make them feel that you are already one of the team.
  • Listen to the ‘Welcome Your Dream Job’ MP3 everyday, to develop your focus,  confidence,  and ‘ownership’ of your new dream job.
  • More jobs are awarded to people through word-of-mouth, so networking is very, very important.

If you had a bucket of mud (representing negative emotions and behaviors), but you wanted a bucket of clean fresh water (representing positive emotions and behaviors), you could put the bucket of mud under a tap and run fresh clean water (representing subliminal affirmations) into the bucket. But it would take a long time, and you would still have a bucket of muddy water. That is an analogy of how most subliminal affirmation downloads currently available on the Internet work, or perhaps do not work. Peter Zapfella uses his one-on-one therapies to ‘throw out’ or delete the mud (representing negative emotions and behaviors) and then you can choose to use the ‘Welcome’ Subliminal Affirmations to quickly and efficiently refill the bucket with fresh clean water (representing positive emotions and behaviors). No mud … just your new dream job!

“Conceive it, then Perceive it as if real, then your unconscious mind will Believe it, so it can Achieve it”

– Peter Zapfella.

Everyone of us is unique. We have all had different life experiences and we react to them differently too. Most emotional and behavioural challenges can respond well to one-on-one psychotherapy tailored to the individual, using Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), hypnotherapy and perhaps cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT). That is why Peter Zapfella  suggests you start with one-on-one therapy using Skype and then use the ‘Welcome’ subliminal affirmations to ‘lock-in’ the unconscious shifts long-term. Of course you can ‘flip-it’ and try one of the 266 ‘Welcome’ MP3’s first, and see if they are effective for you without therapy. If so, that’s great. If not you can use

Now you can listen to these subliminals when ready to sleep and let these gentle and encouraging words guide your unconscious mind into the realms of dreams. If you listen to this MP3 while sleeping, on ‘repeat’ or ‘loop’ your unconscious mind will hear this message around 450 times every night. Alternatively you can listen in the background during the day at work or leisure, as no hypnotic trance is required.

These subliminal messages are simply ‘obscured’ from the conscious mind within masking music or environmental sounds to prevent conscious analytical thinking. The more these messages are repeated, the more they are uncritically accepted by the unconscious, which maintains emotions, beliefs and habits of behaviour. A simple message, repeated enough, will become a new unconscious belief, which your unconscious can manifest into your dream job. A message repeated following therapy with Peter Zapfella can achieve miraculous results.

Subliminal Affirmation Text:

“You use all your senses to visualise, hear, touch and smell your new dream job. You see other people who do the same or similar career you say ‘that’s my new dream job’. 

You go visit the type of employment and get a feeling for it.  You meet and talk to people who have done that career. You ask them how they won their job and ask them for advice. You join volunteer organisations. Complete your relevant studies and qualifications, to ensure the job is yours for the taking.

Conceive it, perceive it, believe it and achieve it.

You are now more clear in your mind. You are now more relaxed in your body. You accept everything and everybody because you are now more confident. You have greater self-control. The way you feel is becoming better and better because the burdens have been lifted forever and ever now that you welcome your dream job.”

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