There is one simple thing you can do for yourself to help overcome lifes challenges …. read this.

‘Welcome’ positive affirmations have been professionally written to inspire your unconscious mind to focus upon a clear, achievable goal beyond past negativity and self-limiting beliefs. These subliminal messages are simply ‘obscured’ from the conscious mind within masking foreground sounds to prevent conscious analytical thinking, which may otherwise  ‘filter out’ or ‘block’ these positive messages, which inspire and  influence your deep unconscious mind following therapy. The more these messages are repeated, the more they are uncritically accepted as your new truth by your deep unconscious.

Unconscious Mind Learnings
Unconscious Mind Learnings

Our unconscious mind gathers information, through our senses to create beliefs. These drive our behaviours and emotions. These in turn entrench those deep beliefs further. We can change our own deep unconscious beliefs, and our behaviors by changing our deepest unconscious emotions and ‘self-talk’. A simple message, repeated enough, will become a new unconscious belief over time. By simply listening to any of these MP3’s these positive messages can be repeated up to 500 times during a single nights sleep. That is powerful.

‘Welcome’ subliminal affirmation MP3’s are available with an expanding range of music, environmental sounds and binaural foreground sounds.

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More than 1,100 ‘Welcome’ subliminal affirmation MP3 variants are available, or are in production now. This will further expand to around 2,000 variants within a year, making this the largest MP3 Subliminal Affirmation library available anywhere.Why Welcome Subliminal Affirmations Are Best“Today is the future you created yesterday, and tomorrow you create in your thoughts today. So be inspired by what your unconscious mind thinks … today.”  – Peter Zapfella

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