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I suppose someone had to do it sooner or later, and I have certainly been giving it a lot of thought over the past few years. Why are all the hypnosis and subliminal affirmation download web sites only in English? Why not make them available in multiple languages?

  1. The English language has always dominated the Internet. It was invented by English speakers. The source code is in English. They say 55.5 percent of all web content is in English. Yet, only around 20 percent of the world’s population can speak English, with 15 percent speaking English as a second. or third or whatever language. And, there are many who can understand it to some extent but cannot hold a conversation in English. Only around 5 percent of us are native English speakers.
  2. One very good reason why other hypnosis and subliminal affirmation download web sites only produce English language content is cost. It takes a lot of time and money to produce content for hypnosis and subliminal affirmation web sites, plus the cost of setting-up and running a E-commerce web site. Multiplying that cost several times over for additional languages quickly goes into the ‘too hard’ basket.
Variants foreign languages

3. For example; If I have one English language title with 5 or 6 variants now, and I add 6 new languages in addition to English each with 5 variants, I now have 30 new MP3s for every title. With more than 400 titles (representing about 2,500 variant MP3s) I am looking at more than 12,000 extra MP3s to write and record and sort and store. That is an expensive nightmare situation for any web master. Am I up for it?

4. If I am not fluent in those other languages how can I create them? I was born lucky because I was born in a country where English is the most common language. I have never had to learn another, beyond a few words of welcome. I am a native speaker of English. Therefore any thought of creating multiple language MP3s quickly goes into the ‘too hard’ basket.

5. Although these numbers are constantly changing, a quick look at the overall percentages of people around the world who speak English as their first, second, third or whatever language online is around 25 percent of all languages used online. That is enough for most hypnosis and subliminal affirmation download web sites to limit themselves to English. They argue that you do not have to speak English, as long as you understand it. They say that is all that counts.

6. More than 70 percent of all web sites currently online are primarily in the English language. This speaks volumes because only around 5 percent of people speak English as their native language. If you cannot understand English you must use a translator to access all this content . Thats fine for most web sites, including most E-commerce sites – but what about spoken word download web sites such as the Internet Hypnosis Shop?

6. Spoken word web sites such as English language hypnosis and subliminal affirmation downloads are meaningless for around 75 percent of the worlds Internet users.

Graph from as at 31 March 2020.

Not all Chinese speak Mandarin but most do. Others may understand it, but not speak it because it is the national language used on TV and movies. Few Chinese nationals understand or speak any English. The number of Chinese venturing online is increasing at a faster rate than in any other language. While generating around 20 percent of all web traffic the Chinese only have around 1.4 percent of websites online.

Right across south, and central America most people speak Spanish. It is the fastest-growing language in North America. With the popularity of smartphones, the number of Spanish-speaking Internet users is increasing. Currently, around 4 percent of all websites are available in Spanish.

The other major language group in South America is Portuguese. They represent 4 or 5 percent of all Internet users. Of course, Portuguese and Spanish are also spoken on the Iberian Peninsula in Europe. Portuguese speakers only have access to just over 1 percent of websites in their own language.

Arabic in various forms is spoken across the Middle East, and is currently rated as the fourth most used language online. yet they have only around 1 percent of all web sites in their language.

Indonesian and Malay represent a massive Asian language group that is really just starting to establish itself as an online force. Indonesian speakers will explode on to the online world in significant numbers soon. Other Indonesian and Malay language speakers generally understand Indonesian when they hear it because it is the language of TV and movies. Less than 1 percent of web sites are published in the Indonesian languages.

For the same reason, I have included Indian Hindi. Hindi is the major Indian language with many Indians including themselves as either first, second, or third Hindi language speakers. Many others who do not speak it do understand it. Until now the majority of Indian Internet users have also spoken enough English to get by, however the trend is quickly evolving as non-English speaking Indians are exploring the online world. Just 0.1 percent of web sites appear in Hindi.

Without a doubt the introduction of tablets (iPads) and smartphones (iPhones) with Internet access, and new Internet satellites are responsible for the explosion of non-English traffic online. Over time we will see the percentage of English speakers online, and the percentage of English websites shrink as other language web sites increase to meet the demand. The Internet Hypnosis Shop is preparing for that eventuality now by creating MP3 downloads in other languages.

Each title presented in multiple languages has a choice of 5 variants each (Gentle Lake Waves, Piano and Guitar Music, ‘Zumba’ Latin Dance Music, Calming anti-anxiety binaural waves, and Sleep inducing Theta binaural waves). Each of these has an audible first read of an affirmation before it drops down under the variant foreground sounds, and becomes subliminal – as do all Classic Welcome subliminal affirmations in English.

In this way the conscious mind of the listener hears the affirmation read aloud in their own language. They can consciously ‘approve it’ and ‘accept it‘ before it slides down under the foreground environmental effects and music. In that way the deep unconscious hears it repeated every minute or so, without it becoming annoying to the conscious mind. This transparent approach is exclusive to ‘Welcome’ subliminal affirmations.

Each multiple language Internet Hypnosis Shop title now has the potential to benefit many more people around the world reaching perhaps as many as 70 percent of all Internet users (based on current estimates for Chinese Mandarin. Spanish, Portuguese, Indonesian Malay, Arabic, Indian Hindi and English of course). Then we can change the lives of countless millions of people for the better as they overcome the self limiting beliefs and negative emotions that blocked them from their true potentials. We can really make the world a better place, one by one. Step by step.

Because of cost, complexity, and sheer size of the project, while it has already begun, the progressive introduction of multiple language variants will continue throughout 2021 and into 2022.

welcome subliminal affirmations. Internet hypnosis. shop

Internet Hypnosis Shop

Immunity Strength to Beat Pandemics and Epidemics

Have you noticed how some people ‘catch a cold and flu’ every season, while others never do? Why is it that some people ‘come down’ with illnesses while others beat pandemics and epidemics? Some have mild symptoms or none at all, while others may die?

Beat Pandemics and Epidemics
Spanish Influenza – Welcome Immunity Strength to Beat Pandemics and Epidemics

Spanish Influenza

The Spanish flu was the worst pandemic of the 20th century. Estimates are it killed as many as 100 million people worldwide in 1918/20, That’s more than were killed in the first world war (1916-1918). Estimates suggest that the world population in 1918 was 1.8 billion – then the global death rate would have been 5.4 percent.

The first known case of the so-called ‘Spanish Flu’ (H1N1) virus was reported at a military base in Kansas USA on March 11, 1918. Within months people around the world were ‘dropping like flys’. An illness which was killing soldiers in Etaples, France, and Aldershot, England, in 1916″, may have become known later as the Spanish Flu.  If they had acted earlier scientists could have had 2 years to prepare for “some of the worst effects of the Spanish influenza.” Influenza antibiotics were not available for another 20 years, and many deaths were not caused by the influenza virus itself, but by secondary bacterial infections, and experimental ‘cures’.

Populations everywhere lived with poor health, overcrowding, poor sanitation, and hygiene standards. In many parts of the world, governments were weakened by war, secretive confused, and unprepared for a pandemic.

It was the young, fit, healthy people who suffered the highest mortality rates. While the life expectancy at birth and at young ages declined by more than ten years, the life expectancy of 60 and 70-year-olds saw no change.

Other Influenza Pandemics

Influenza type pandemics and epidemics are not rare.

Estimates for the death toll of the “Asian Flu” (1957-58) vary between 1.5 and 4 million. My siblings and I caught the ‘Asian Flu’ at that time and as a result, suffered life-long weakened lungs and Asthma.

The ‘Hong Kong Flu’ of 1968/69 killed an estimated 1 million people worldwide.

The ‘Russian Flu’ pandemic of 1977-78 was caused by the same H1N1 virus that caused the ‘Spanish Flu’. Around 700,000 died.

Swine Flu (H1N1) ripped through Asia in 2009 killing between 150,000 and 575,000 people.

Bird Flu (H5N1) outbreak from 1997 to 1012 killed 359. It is believed to have originated in wildfowl and transmitted through domestic birds such as ducks to humans at poultry farms/


Poliomyelitis (polio) is a highly infectious viral disease dating from around 1580 B.C. to the present. It is transmitted through contaminated water, food, or contact with an infected person.

Welcome Immunity Strength to Beat Pandemics and Epidemics
Welcome Immunity Strength to Beat Pandemics and Epidemics polio-vaccine

Many people who are infected with the poliovirus do not show symptoms. Others become very sick developing paralysis, which can sometimes stop them from breathing. As a result, they die. 

Every summer it struck down small children, and some youth during the first half of the 20th-century. Pandemics rolled across the world. Polio would paralyze or kill over half a million children worldwide every year. No one knew how or why. It was the most feared disease of the 20th century. Polio peaked in the late 1930s, early 1940s, and 1950s. My father’s elder brother John was struck down by the disease twice and spent the rest of his short life in a wheelchair. 

Then in 1955 the Salk vaccine was developed. As a result, my father insisted I get the vaccine.

“Drug manufacturers made the vaccine available for free, and more than 400 million doses were distributed between 1955 and 1962, reducing the cases of polio by up to 99 percent.” Polio still exists in isolated pockets in some developing countries.

Beat Pandemics and Epidemics
Virus – Welcome Immunity Strength to Beat Pandemics and Epidemics


Ebola killed 11,323 from 2013 to 2016 and is believed to have originated in fruit bats consumed as bush meats in Africa.


HIV/AIDS also most likely originated in bush meats (thought to be monkeys and chimpanzees) in West-Central Africa. The worldwide death toll from 1981 to 2018 is around 32 million.

Up to 650,000 animal diseases have the potential to make the jump across species to humans. Around 5 new diseases appear within human populations every year, with any one of them having the potential to become an epidemic or perhaps a pandemic.

Covid-19 or Corona Virus (SARS-CoV-2)

The contagious pandemic of the 21st century is Covid-19. The virus that causes COVID-19 is a coronavirus, not an influenza virus.

Today we have telephones, radio, television, and the Internet to communicate with people more quickly than in the past. (In 1918 they had snail mail,  newspapers and morse-code type telegraph offices. Telephones were antiquated and scarce. Broadcast radio did not exist)

Today we have spread the virus around the world by widespread international travel by plane and cruise ships  (in 1918 only a few traveled far by rail and steamships (think Titanic), which took days, perhaps weeks to reach their destinations)

Today scientists, medical experts, and governments are sharing information about Covid-19. Currently, effective Covid-19 vaccines are becomming available. However, we are ‘not out of the woods’ until 70 – 80 percent of populations have been vaccinated..

We have gained knowledge and experience from other smaller, more recent epidemics including the London Flu 1971/73 (killed around 1,000), Ebola virus disease 1976 to the present (EVD killed around 12,000), Middle East respiratory syndrome 2012 to the present (MERS-CoV has killed around 1,000 it is believed to have passed to humans from camels), and Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome 2002/04  (SARS-CoV killed around 1,000). It is believed to have passed into the human population from Civet Cats in China.

Since SARS (2002/04) the advances in genetic technology needed to understand the Covid-19 virus and develop diagnostic tests or treatments have advanced. Effective vaccines have been developed, however the threat of infection will remain for most of us for another year or two. We may need annual vacinations to treat mutated strains as they arise within the untreated populations?

The lack of good genetics might help to protect some from infection, however more practical things can make a big difference for most of us. These may seem a little extreme, however, in the absence of an effective vaccine for all strains of the virus, they are the best way to suppress or beat it.

Welcome Immunity Strength to Beat Pandemics and Epidemics.Tennyson.. min
Welcome Immunity Strength to Beat Pandemics and Epidemics with Tennyson.

Governments, medical science researchers, and you need to be vigilant in case one of those animal diseases becomes into-species and makes the jump into human populations. It is not a case of ‘if’ but rather ‘when’. These are a few of the things you can do on a practical level to help protect yourself.

Welcome Immunity Strength to Beat Pandemics and Epidemics, full face screen
  • Regularly wash your hands. Use soap and water, or use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer.
  • Maintain a safe distance from anyone who is coughing or sneezing.
  • Wear a face mask in public to prevent inhalation of the virus, and prevent you from touching your own face.
  • Consider wearing protective glasses or a clear face screen to protect the eyes.
  • Hand sanitize before and after you touch your own eyes, nose, or mouth. 
  • Consider wearing disposable gloves in public.
  • Regularly sanitize your phone, keys, and other items.
  • Consider sanitizing or disinfecting everything that comes into your home and workplace.
  • Leave shoes outside, or just inside the front door.
  • An antiseptic mouth wash might help to prevent infection after being in public places.
  • A hot shower with soap might also help to prevent infection immediately after returning home, and a change into fresh clean clothes.
  • Wash street clothes in a hot wash and where possible dry in a hot clothes drier or direct sunlight.
  • Leave street footwear outside or sanitize.
  • Cover your nose and mouth with your bent elbow or a tissue when you cough or sneeze. Then dispose of the tissue. Then hand sanitize. 
  • Isolate yourself at home if you feel unwell. Do NOT go to work, school, shopping, or socializing – you could be spreading the disease to everyone you come into contact with. Worse still, they could die if you did not help to prevent infection.
  • If in doubt check body temperature for a fever.
  • Loss of senses of small and taste can be an indicator of infection.
  • If you have a fever, cough, and difficulty breathing, seek medical attention. 
  • Phone and discuss your symptoms with your health professional or a nearby hospital. Do not turn up unannounced.
  • Some evidence shows that vitamin K may offer some protection from developing a bad case of Covid-19.  Therefore the more direct sunlight exposure you can get the better. (Infection rates increase during winter and decrease during simmer)
  • The good news is there are rapid tests available to show if you do or do not have an infection.
  • Follow the directions of your local health authorities.
  • If you are infected authorities will want to contact everyone you have been in contact with so they can test them too. In this way they can isolate outbreaks of infection before they spread further.  Until there is an effective vaccine distributed throughout the whole population, it is the only way to avoid the same sort of results as the Spanish Flu one hundred years ago.
  • Some people have only mild symptoms and some people have no symptoms at all, yet they are contagious and can spread the virus to many other people without being aware they are a ‘super-spreader’.
  • Avoid all unneeded visits to nursing homes for the elderly and medical facilities until the pandemic has ended. This will allow healthcare workers to operate more effectively, without distractions, therefore protecting you and others.
  • Ignore pressure from political, commercial, or ideological factions who somehow want to profit from the pandemic.
Beat Pandemics and Epidemics
Pneumonia – Welcome Immunity Strength to Beat Pandemics and Epidemics
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Just like Covid-19, both viral and bacterial pneumonia can spread to other people through inhalation of airborne droplets from an infected persons sneeze or cough. You can also get pneumonia by coming into contact with contaminated surfaces.

Generally, the signs and symptoms of Pneumonia can be similar to Covid-19, however it is not as contagious or deadly. Symptoms can include:

Between 2 and 3 million people die each year from pneumonia. It is the leading cause of death for children aged under 5 years worldwide. People aged over 70 are also most vulnerable. Africa has the highest death rates.There is a vaccination available to protect against pneumonia. 

Other risk factors include;


influenza (or the flu) is contagious. It is spread by a virus from person to person. It is not the same as the common cold. There are many different virus strains. Vaccinations are available to protect against current strains of the virus. Influenza is a serious disease because it can lead to:

  • bronchitis
  • pneumonia
  • ear infections
  • heart and other organ damage
  • brain inflammation and brain damage
  • death. Up to 650 000 people die of respiratory diseases linked to seasonal flu each year.
  • during the Covid-19 pandemic, Influenza spread has reduced significantly. No doubt because of the efforts to suppress Covid-19. “The Western Australian  Health Department has recorded 216 influenza notifications this year to August 14, compared to 4,418 at the same time last year.”
Beat Pandemics and Epidemics
Common Cold – Welcome Immunity Strength to Beat Pandemics and Epidemics

Common Cold

Rhinovirus causes around half of all common colds, however other viruses may cause the symptoms of a cold, including adenovirus, influenza virus, respiratory syncytial virus, and parainfluenza virus.

The common cold is not a defined disease, but rather a collection of symptoms including coughs, sneezing, a runny nose, sore throat, tiredness, headaches, and perhaps a fever. The common cold therefore is a syndrome because it is a collection of common symptoms with many possible causes. There is no vaccination available to protect against the common cold.

People who have a weak immune system can suffer complications from a common cold leading to serious illnesses, even death.

Welcome Immunity Strength to Beat Pandemics and Epidemics.Tennyson.. min
Welcome Immunity Strength to Beat Pandemics and Epidemics.

You can do the following to help strengthen your immunity and suppress or beat Pandemic and Epidemic infections, and reduce their severity and duration.

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  • Do NOT let yourself be overcome by fear and panic. Calmly work the plan and be safe.
  • reduce stress and anxiety. They will only distract you from your ‘new normal’ during the epidemic or pandemic.
  • call family, friends, and neighbors by phone or social media to check on their welfare.
  • if available, get vaccinated.
  • unvaccinated populations can become a ‘nest’ and ‘breeding ground’ for future mutations of the virus. They could reignite the pandemic. Therefore encourage you family and friends to get vaccinated.
  • quit tobacco smoking. According to a study of 2.4 million people by Kings College London smokers are 14 percent more likely to contract Covid-19 than non-smokers.
  • drink alcohol in moderation, if you drink any at all.
  • maintain a healthy balance of work (perhaps in isolation at home), recreation, and sleep.
  • enjoy regular exercise and maintain fitness.
  • a diet high in fruit, nuts and vegetables, and low in sugar and refined carbohydrates
  • maintain a healthy weight
  • recover from Diabetes Type 2
  • maintain social distancing. This is likely to become part of our ‘new normal’ post Covid-19.
  • sanitize and wash your hands with soap regularly. This is likely to become part of our ‘new normal’ post Covid-19.
  • only drink safe potable water
  • protect from, and screen from insect bites
  • get as much sun exposure as practical without burning
  • try garlic, zinc, selenium, magnesium, echinacea, vitamin C (ascorbic acid), B group vitamins, vitamin D,  and green tea to boost your immune system.
  • if you or a family member has symptoms isolate the infected person from all other family members. This is likely to become part of our ‘new normal’ post Covid-19.
  • get tested if you think you have been exposed or you have symptoms.
  • contact tracing of infected individuals must identify, isolate, and test those who may have been infected but may not be showing any symptoms of the disease.
  • in a pandemic self isolate as much as possible. Stay away from crowded places and keep a distance from neighbors.
  • risking a ‘second wave’ of infection by trying to hurry back to ‘normal’ can be far worse than the first wave of infection.
  • without the availability of mass vaccinations to fight an infectious epidemic or pandemic, the better option is to drive it into ‘virtual extinction’ with mass self-isolation, testing, and treatment of the sick by medical professionals.
  • those with comorbidities (the elderly, overweight, and immunocompromised.) should be the last to be reintroduced into the community once the ‘pandemic storm’ is over, as their immune system is weaker.
  • maintain a positive attitude. Keep busy.
  • listen to your Welcome Immunity Strength to Beat Pandemics and Epidemics MP3.
Beat Pandemics and Epidemics
Pandemic or Epidemic Welcome Immunity Strength to Beat Pandemics and Epidemics

Welcome Subliminal Affirmations: Immunity Strength to Beat Pandemics and Epidemics

In psychology, the deep unconscious mind is often referred to as ‘the child within’. Like a child, the deep unconscious is not logical. It does not understand time or reality. Just like a small child, a simple message repeated often enough will eventually become a new deep unconscious belief.

The ‘adult’ logical conscious mind usually filters incoming information. So, if it does not ‘fit with’ current beliefs it may be rejected, and not passed down to the deep unconscious for processing and storage as long term memories. This is why reading positive affirmations aloud usually fails to make much impression upon the deep unconscious mind – it has already been rejected by the surface conscious mind as untrue. Welcome Immunity Strength to Beat Pandemics and Epidemics subliminal affirmations are skilfully written messages, professionally camouflaged below music or environmental foreground sounds, so the logical conscious mind cannot hear them (and therefore cannot filter them out either). 

Unconscious mind learnings

With repetition, Welcome Immunity Strength to Beat Pandemics and Epidemics drives our ‘self-talk’ and creates our unconscious beliefs that in turn drive our behaviors and habits, which are auto-behaviors. As the unconscious mind consistently hears these inspiring words it eventually accepts them as a new truth. The transformation can be almost immediate and miraculous because the change happens ‘inside’, with no conscious effort. 

“You become what you believe”

Oprah Winfrey.


Importantly, no hypnotic trance is required for success! The secret is the way Welcome Immunity Strength to Beat Pandemics and Epidemics affirmations are repeated over and over again every minute, just below conscious awareness, but within an awareness of your deep unconscious.

Only Welcome Immunity Strength to Beat Pandemics and Epidemics subliminal affirmations feature these important properties;

  • We think for the first time in the world, around 70 percent of the world’s online population can access subliminal affirmations in their own native language, in one place.
  • Chinese-Mandarin, Spanish, Indonesian-Malay, Arabic, Portuguese and Indian – Hindi join English with at least 5 variants each.
  • 90 percent discount off individual variants, and a further 25 percent off discounted Bundles, for a limited time only.
  • You can clearly hear the ‘first read’ of every Welcome Immunity Strength to Beat Pandemics and Epidemics subliminal before it slides down below the masking foreground music and sounds. In this way, you consciously, logically, and analytically process the message. This builds conscious trust and confidence in the affirmation messages. Conscious acceptance ‘un-locks the gate’ making it even more effective.
  • As your deep unconscious continues to listen, your conscious may hear ‘distant’ words, somewhere within the foreground music. Research proves this audio level to be most effective in creating unconscious learnings and long-term change. It is also reassuring because you consciously know what your deep unconscious mind is hearing, without the tedious repetition.
  • In psychology, the deep unconscious is often referred to as ‘the child (mind) within’. Just like small children, it enjoys repetition, and that is the best way for it to learn.
  • Because Welcome Immunity Strength to Beat Pandemics and Epidemics subliminal MP3’s are more effective the longer you listen on ‘repeat’ while driving, working, at the gym, running, sleeping, or anytime you choose. There is no need to focus on listening because they are designed to be most effective in the background.
  • If you listen while sleeping, on ‘repeat’ your unconscious mind will hear the Welcome Immunity Strength to Beat Pandemics and Epidemics message more than 400 times every night. If you were to listen to the ‘Environmental – Lake waves’ MP3 or ‘Theta’ binaural waves while sleeping. You can choose to listen to the pleasant piano and guitar’ melody and the ‘Zumba’ – Latin style dance music during the day. Then your deep unconscious can hear the affirmations repeated an additional 800 – 1200 times. That’s powerful.
  • The more you listen to your Welcome Immunity Strength to Beat Pandemics and Epidemics subliminal affirmation messages = greater number of repetitions heard by the deep unconscious = clear negative emotions and self-limiting beliefs = a new attitude and behaviors.
  • You can combine Welcome Immunity Strength to Beat Pandemics and Epidemics with Welcome a Strong Immune System and Welcome No Stress and Anxiety, Welcome Life Free From Fear of Disease and Welcome Life Free From Fear of Death for better results.
  • Perhaps the cheapest and easiest option is to do is to download and listen to Welcome Immunity Strength to Beat Pandemics and Epidemics subliminal affirmations as recommended. This approach is very effective for many people.
  • The listening time it takes to change will vary with every individual. Following optional ‘one-on-one’ online therapy with Peter Zapfella most will notice measurable changes almost immediately.
  • If you have not ‘cleared’ the underlying emotional challenge and associated deep unconscious beliefs before listening to your ‘Welcome’ subliminal affirmations you can expect it to take longer for behavioral changes to occur, perhaps weeks. As everyone has a different life story it would be irresponsible for us to suggest a specific time period.
  • So, keep listening to your ‘Welcome’ subliminal affirmations as often as practical day-by-day until you create personal miracles in your life! Perhaps, the first you may know you have changed will be positive comments from family and friends who have noticed subtle changes in you.
  • Peter Zapfella has more than 25 years of professional experience as a psychotherapist, having consulted for some of Australia’s largest and most respected companies, and thousands of members of the public in his clinic.
  • ‘Welcome’ subliminal affirmations are backed by optional ‘one-on-one’ consultations with Peter Zapfella worldwide via either Skype, FaceTime, Viber and Facebook Messenger. Ask for a ‘Welcome’ discount at
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An alternative option is to consult with Peter using Skype to complete diagnostics and a one-on-one interview where he can recommend the most appropriate supplements, nutrition, MP3 resources etc etc for your individual challenge. Electronic ‘live’ translation is available.

Otherwise, you can consider one-on-one psychotherapy tailored to you,  the individual, using Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), hypnotherapy  ‘Click’ on the  skypetherapy.Live. image to read details., Skype, Skype Therapy, Skype Therapy Pro,

“Today is the future you created yesterday, and

tomorrow you create in your thoughts today.

So be inspired by what your unconscious mind thinks … NOW!”

Peter Zapfella therapist

Peter Zapfella

Subliminal Affirmations: Welcome Immunity Strength to Beat Pandemics and Epidemics

“You do not smoke tobacco. You might notice how good you feel when you drink alcohol in moderation, if you drink any at all. You maintain a balance of work, recreation, and sleep. You really enjoy regular exercise and maintain fitness. Your diet is high in fruit and vegetables, and low in sugar and refined carbohydrates, so you maintain a healthy weight. It is easier now for you to maintain social distancing and sanitize and wash your hands regularly. Now you reduce stress and have a positive attitude about your ability to strengthen your immune system.

You might not have noticed, you are now more clear in the mind, more relaxed in the body, you are coping better with everything and everybody… more confident… greater self-control… the way you feel is becoming better and better, you are more confident and coping better with everything and everybody, because the burden has been lifted forever and ever now that you have improved immunity from diseases”


Please read the Subliminal Listening Guide before use.

‘Click’ on the image to read details.

Guarentee and Privacy Policy

Satisfaction Guaranteed. We are so delighted with the Welcome Immunity Strength to Beat Pandemics and Epidemics subliminal affirmations they come with the same industry-leading, lifetime money-back, guarantee as all ‘Welcome’ Subliminal Affirmations. ‘Click’ on the image to read details.

Click on the ‘101’ image below to read the excellent reasons why ‘Welcome’ subliminal affirmations are your best choice.

Excellent reasons why






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Internet Hypnosis. Shop Proudly Australian r
Internet Hypnosis. Shop Proudly Australian

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Smile More

smile more worry less – positive thinking concept, optimism

Smile More – Worry Less

7 Health Benefits of Smiling More

  1. Smiling can boost mood when feeling down.
  2. It can help overcome anxiety and depression. 
  3. It can lower Blood Pressure.
  4. Improve friendships
  5. Strengthen the Immune System
  6. Aid pain relief.
  7. Increase healthy longevity.

Welcome Smiles


By Peter Zapfella and Coral Conrad.

Like climbing a mountain life presents us all with many experiences, those experiences often being accompanied by challenges. Those challenges can lead to us interpreting the world through negative emotions, self-limiting beliefs, phobias, addictions, bad habits, and behaviors.

Peter Zapfella and Coral Conrad often mention to their clients, it is a significant step to acknowledge when something needs to be changed, and another significant step to actually DO something to create that change.

Peter and Coral have the qualifications, skills, and experience to assist their clients to change. Many other therapies simply enable people to become aware of the need for change, without actually stepping through it.

So sometimes we choose to stay where we feel more comfortable, and that becomes our landscape of perceived security. For many of us, that landscape can be like a valley of green rolling hills that are easy to walk over or around. 

There are some ups and downs from time-to-time.

From these rolling hills, we can see above us. Some can see the mountain with its many challenges and snow-capped precipice beyond. Those who see the mountain may admire it, and some aspire to climb it.

journey to the mountain
Journey to the mountain

The forest that stands between the valley and the mountain appears to be dark and foreboding as sight is obscured by the towering trees. Some avoid the forest.

However, passing through the forest is a necessary path to reaching the mountain. The forest represents a recognition that life within the valley is severely limited, and not really as idyllic as previously thought.

Those of you reading this are to be congratulated as your courage and insight have taken you to the beginning of a wonderful journey beyond the forest.

For once the mountain is reached, we can proceed to climb, navigating the precipices, and eventually reach the pinnacle, taking in the view, not only of what is above us, but that which is all around us, above and below.

Some may call the mountain peak Enlightenment.

The Valley

Although it is sometimes lovely, even comfortable, to stay in the valley is to restrict our own personal growth and knowledge. Life’s difficulties are subject to causes beyond our understanding at that level.

Some people choose to stay stuck within their valley because of fears, phobias and other self-limiting beliefs and emotions. At that level, we may resign ourselves to the perceived illusion that we cannot change. It may even be traumatic in the valley, yet we stay and endure it.

The Forest

Venturing into the forest a person has the opportunity to experience solutions to the challenges of life, sourced from beyond. At first, there is less clarity and direction as the treetops and shadows obscure the view of the sun and the stars. Yet exciting discoveries can be made in the subtlest ways, as we encounter new insights and understandings, beyond limitation.

The Mountain

You have wandered beyond the valley and the forest. You have commenced your journey toward the mountain peaks beyond. The breathtaking views of life beyond the boundaries below await you, clear direction toward your goals, life-giving fresh air and energy, beyond the struggle and pain below.

As a result of many years of training and experience, Peter Zapfella and Coral Conrad can now guide you along a clear pathway toward your pinnacle of life experience, beyond limitation.

Peter and Coral have now paved the way, for you, to enjoy a speedy, safe, and illuminating path. With every session, you can progress further, beyond the limitations of your old landscape.

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Montesquieu theory of three

Montesquieu theory of three by Peter Zapfella.

Baron de Montesquieu Charles Louis de Secondat (18 January 1689 – 10 February 1755) was a French judge and political philosopher concerned with overcoming official corruption and, despotism. He proposed the separation of three levels of governmental power – the legislative, executive, and judicial.

Montesquieu saw despotism as a danger for any government not already despotic and argued that it could best be prevented by different government bodies exercising either legislative, executive, or judicial power, and in which all those bodies are bound by the rule of law. the Montesquieu philosophy was that “government should be set up so that no man need be afraid of another”

The Montesquieu theory of the separation of powers had an enormous impact on the framers of the constitutions of the United States of America, the Republic of France and others.

Meanwhile in more than 50 other countries people live within dictatorships where one person or a select group control almost everything and everyone. They often control the population through threats, and fear. These include North Korea, Syria, Yemen and Iran. We could include China in that grouping too. In many ways these dictators have set themselves up as ‘kings’ who rule with absolute power over the daily lives of the people and stifle innovation and development. Only special politically connected people are given opportunities. These ‘kings’ intend to keep power within their family and close trusted groupings. The result is … the country, the people suffer deprivations at the hands of the elite. Every now and again we witness revolution.

Monarchies where one person inherits absolute power of the country and its population include the United Arab Emirates, Swaziland, Oman and Brunei. The king may be belevolent and work to improve the lot for his people, to go the way of a meglomaniac dictator. History has shown some of these hereditary kings have also witnessed revolution. Both the USA and France were created by revolution against a hereditary king who failed to care for the people.

I appreciate that we as individuals live our day within three more or less equal parts. They are sleep. work and recreation. Today we aspire to experience 8 hours of each. We need all these three to maintain physical and mental health. 

The best possible work we can have is the work we love so much we would do it for free if we did not need to work for financial reward. This is because our brain produces ‘happiness endorphins’which maintain health. People who hate their job, their boss, their workmates are literally poisoning themselves. They are prime candidates for cancer and heart attacks.

During sleep our brain waves slow down. The various stages of relaxation and sleep are;

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We need Theta and Delta sleep to remain sane and healthy. Therefore we need uninterrupted sleep.

Recreation may include socialising, sport and exercise. I think it also includes eating healthy food and just relaxing into the Alpha zone.

I wonder, was the Montesquieu theory of government influenced by the way we divide our day into three more or less equal parts of eight hours each? Or, was Montesquieu’s theory influenced by his three thoughts on education?

Montesquieu said “We receive three educations, one from our parents, one from our school masters, and one from the world. The third contradicts all that the first two teach us.”

It bears thought. However, in conclusion, I believe Montesquieu’s philosophical arguments of three levels of government improve my life experience. I think we people who are lucky enough to live in a country where there are relative freedoms from government corruption can aspire to greatness and thereby help to improve the lives of others.

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“I cannot be hypnotized!”

“I cannot be hypnotized!” by Peter Zapfella.

Since I began my career as a hypnotist in 1995 I have had so many people say something along the lines of “I volunteered to be hypnotized on stage once and the hypnotist sent me back to my seat in the audience. He said I cannot be hypnotized, so don’t try it on me now.” I always smile and laugh to myself when they say that.

I will tell you the truth. The stage hypnotist in me knows that the show must keep moving along and cannot wait for someone who refuses to cooperate. So, the stage hypnotist can either leave them sitting on stage where they may become a distraction for the audience or send them back to their seat in the audience where they can enjoy the show. The only reason people cannot be hypnotized are either;

I cannot be hypnotized. Everyone can be hypnotized, if they want. Everyone can refuse to be hypnotized if they want.
I cannot be hypnotized
  • Fear on their part. 
  • They are drunk or drugged and unable to concentrate.
  • They are an idiot. That is their Wechsler Intelligence Scale IQ is less than about 80 (low).
  • They are brain dead.

Intelligent, creative people make the best hypnotic subjects because they can relax and concentrate at the same time. Hypnotists who have been hypnotized many times by different hypnotists make the best hypnotists.

Stage hypnotists know this and quickly move uncooperative people off the stage because they simply do not have the time to waste on one person. The words “You cannot be hypnotized.” Is a polite way of saying ….  “I really do not have the time to hypnotize you right now.”

A stage hypnotist has the easy option of quickly rejecting volunteers while the hypnotherapist must assist his or her client to achieve the hypnotic trance, no choice about it. In the good old days, a hypnotherapist could ask his client to return every few days while they are trained to achieve deep and deeper trance states. Today people want it all now. People want it done in one session. If they fail to achieve trance they blame the hypnotherapist. To meet client expectations a hypnotherapist must have advanced hypnotic skills, flexibility to meet his or her client’s expectations, and advanced rapport skills.

Let’s get this myth out of the way now. A hypnotist does not do something to you. All hypnosis is self-hypnosis. The hypnotist simply guides a person into the hypnotic trance, and then takes them on a journey with cooperation. Everyone can be hypnotized, if they want. Everyone can refuse to be hypnotized if they want.

Why would someone attend a stage hypnosis show and volunteer to go up onto the stage if they did not want to be hypnotized? The stage hypnotist stacks everything in his or her favor, but sometimes that is not enough. I think some people come up on to the stage for a bit of fun. Then when they take their seat on stage, looking back at the audience, they become self-conscious and fear they will be ridiculed, so they fight the hypnotic trance. Others fear losing control without knowing they are always in control.

I had been invited to the 21st birthday party of a young man whom I had assisted to quit smoking with hypnosis. His mother, cigarette in hand, told me she had been sent back to her seat in the audience at a stage hypnosis show. I knew she was actually telling me, in her own way, that she was not going to use hypnosis to quit her tobacco habit. I smiled and agreed with her. Truth is, I was there to enjoy the party, not recruit clients. 

On another occasion, a friend came to stay over a few days. He said the same thing, more or less. I decided to have some fun with him, so I agreed. “Of course, you cannot be hypnotized. But can we play a game?” He agreed. So, I hypnotized him.

Then I introduced his unconscious to conscious amnesia. In other words, I conspired with his deep inner mind to hide what I was about to say to his awake mind. I told his body that it would remain paralyzed from the neck down until I said the special code words. Then I awoke him.

I cannot be hypnotized

“Would you like a cup of coffee?” I asked as I stood up and walked to the door. “Yes, I would” he replied as he continued to lie on the bed. I went into the kitchen and boiled the water and made two cups of coffee, as I continued to talk to him in the other room. “Are you coming out, or shall I bring your coffee in there?” I asked.

He was still lying on the bed wriggling his whole body as if it was inside a sleeping bag. I could have laughed, but I kept a straight face and engaged him in an irrelevant small talk as I drank my coffee. “It will be getting cold if you don’t drink it,” I said as I motioned toward his cup.

He made some excuse about not wanting a cup of coffee, so I teased him some more. “You said you wanted a cup so I made one for you. Now you say you don’t want it?” 

He was still wriggling like a worm on the bed as he said “I can’t move!” in a frustrated voice.”What do you mean you can’t move?” I replied in a concerned voice. “All I know is I cannot move until you say the secret code words.” “Code words? What code words are you talking about?” I asked. “I don’t know.” He was almost in tears. 

Then I dropped the bombshell on him. “Are you hypnotized?” I asked. “No. I told you I cannot be hypnotized.” “Hmmmm … if you are not hypnotized and you cannot move then you really have a problem. As a hypnotist, I could say the secret code words so you could move again. But if you are not hypnotized there is nothing much I can do for you.”

“Just say the bloody words, will you?” he begged. “Are you hypnotized?” I asked again. “No. I told you I cannot be hypnotized. Just say the words … please.” Well since you said please you can move now.” The secret code words were ‘move now’, and he did.

“I will make a fresh cup of coffee if you like,” I said as he sat up. “Were you hypnotized?” “No, he said. Since that day he continues to say he was not hypnotized.

That is why when people tell me they cannot be hypnotized I smile and laugh to myself.

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Better Surfing

Welcome Better Surfing. Min
If you are new to surfing or an intermediate surfer, here are 30 tips you really should consider to better surfing.

Better Surfing is a combination of skill, confidence, and the right attitude. It can be yours by following these 30 tips and by listening to your Welcome Better Surfing subliminal affirmations MP3s.

30 tips to better surfing

If you are new to surfing or an intermediate surfer, these are a few tips you really should consider:

  • Learn from other more experienced surfers. Surfing with others who are better than you is the best way to learn because better surfing is a feeling more than a technique.
  • Keep your eyes open from the beach. Watch the waves. Watch other surfers.
  • Having someone video you from the beach, in slow-mo, is great feedback. You can spot your bad habits and fix them early. You can learn so much by watching yourself and other surfers in slow-mo.
  • Visualize yourself surfing the perfect wave, then when surfing you can really enjoy stepping into your visualization and repeating it.
  • Always be prepared to try something new. Challenge yourself by learning to adapt to different conditions.
  • Consider joining a group or club, or taking lessons in a surf school.
  • Teaming up with another surfer is a huge motivation for both of you.
  • Do a beach warm-up before entering the water. Take your time before catching a wave. Do not be in too much of a hurry. Learn the correct etiquette for the beach you are on, so you do not make enemies of the locals.
  • There are ideal boards for different conditions, with a range of shapes, sizes, rockers, and fins. Finding the right board for you and the conditions makes ALL the difference.
  • Start BIG with a larger board.
  • Start with SMALL waves.
  • Give the more experienced surfers space.
  • While standing on the beach assess the spot where you want to surf. Through practice and experience, you will learn how to choose the right break.
  • Walk along the beach directly adjacent to the spot, and then turn around with your back to the water. You will see the shore as you will later see it from the water, only closer. To get your bearings look for landmarks so you can use them later as reference points to find your spot while out in the water. I have a favorite swimming hole in a coastal reef which no one else seems to know about. As I walk along the beach I reference landmarks according to a clock, assuming the shoreline is at the center of the face of a clock. My landmarks are at 10 o’clock and 2 o’clock. The sand and the surf are always changing, but those landmarks never move. I can find the exact place to enter the water every time. In the same way, when you are in the water you can find the exact place to catch the best waves, at 6 o’clock.
Welcome Better Surfing Clock
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  • Be prepared to get exhausted as you power paddle with elbows high and hands as deep as possible in the water, with long powerful strokes.
  • Never go full attack at a wave at the start. Instead, take it slow and easy and build up to it.
  • It is better to catch the wave on the peak than the flatter shoulder.
  • Keep your head centered over the body for balance and go where your looking.
  • Turn the head first, then upper body, hips, and legs.
  • Keep low. Bend at the knees, not the back. It will give you better balance, better turns, better surfing, and helps to absorb shocks.
  • Be prepared for wipe-outs. They will happen over and over again. 
  • Be humble, and be prepared to ask questions.
  • Exercise for flexibility and short bursts of explosive power.
  • Be prepared to push yourself, and to look silly because that is the fastest way to learn. The real competition is with your own mind.
  • Stay close to the pocket, and try ripping steeper shoulders.
  • You can generate speed by throwing your arms forward, and decompressing and compressing up and down the face of the wave. You can get extra speed by stepping forward.
  • The sweet spot on a board is just forward of the fins, on the top of course.
  • Enjoy yourself and have fun whatever mood you are in on the day.
  • Focus and visualize.
  • Download and listen to your Welcome Better Surfing subliminal affirmations daily, and feel the change in your inner attitude. Then you will see the changes in your outer performance.

According to 

surfer today, welcome better surfing

The 10 daily habits that will improve your surfing

  1. Get plenty of good quality sleep
  2. Go for a swim to develop the right muscle groups for paddling, and build confidence.
  3. Hydrate by drinking more water.
  4. Develop your skills by riding a skateboard.
  5. Eat healthy food, including fruit and vegetables.
  6. Go for a run.
  7. Quit smoking tobacco.
  8. Practice holding your breath
  9. Meditate.
  10. Mind surf. Visualization. Exactly what the Welcome Better Surfing subliminal affirmation is all about, plus confidence building.
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‘Welcome’ Subliminal Affirmations: Welcome Better Surfing

Welcome subliminal affirmations. Good-Bad-Homer-min
Good/Bad Homer

Just like Homer Simpson, we all have those intrusive thoughts from time-to-time. If we choose to listen to them and tag them with emotion, they can become more powerful. When we add self-talk – they can grab control by becoming deep unconscious beliefs. These beliefs drive our behaviors. We call automatic behaviors – habits.

Unconscious Mind Learnings
Unconscious Mind Learnings

So which thoughts do you choose to listen too? The ‘good’ which are focused upon happiness, and better surfing?  Or, the ‘bad‘ which are focused upon past fears and anxiety?

Also because we all have different listening preferences, Welcome Masculine Spirituality has a choice of foreground variants for you to choose from. ‘Click here’ to hear samples.

Subliminal Affirmation Text; Welcome Better Surfing 

“You might notice throughout the day you constantly visualize yourself surfing the perfect wave.

When out surfing you can really enjoy stepping into your visualization and repeating it, over and over again. You are more focused and motivated about surfing more consistently better than ever before.

In competition, the reputation of other surfers means nothing to you because you know even the champions have their ‘bad’ days, and today is your ‘best’ day ever.

You might not have noticed you are now more clear in the mind, more relaxed in the body, and you are coping better with everything and everybody. You are more confident. You have greater self-control… the way you feel is becoming better and better… because the burdens have been lifted forever and ever now that you are a better surfer.”

Welcome Subliminal Listening Guide
Subliminal Listening Guide

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