Frank Sinatra

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Filipino Frank Sinatra

I was asked to perform a corporate show for a well-known air conditioning company in Sydney, Australia. One of my hypnotised performers was a Filipino man. I asked him who his favorite performer was. He said Frank Sinatra. So I hypnotised him to believe that he, the Filipino man, was Frank for the next two days. They later told me that they could not stop laughing, because for two days he was singing Frank Sinatra songs and signing autographs.

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Comedy Hypnosis Show

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666 Weight Loss

goal with out a plan. 666 Weight Loss
A goal without a plan is just wishful thinking

666 Weight Loss

A very simple way to start your weight loss program is called 666 Weight Loss. This strategy is used by women who succesfully control their weight long-term. It is a simple ‘rule’ they live-by. You can do it too. All it takes is a little self discipline to get started. Before you know it 666 Weight Loss will be habitual. Continue reading “666 Weight Loss”

Emotions and Memories

Emotions and memories. As we experience life our unconscious mind stores those experiences as long-term memories, as learnings. At the same time, we are feeling emotions of one sort or another.

Our conscious mind labels those experiences as either ‘good’ or ‘bad’. Our unconscious mind interprets those feelings as either ‘pleasant’ or ‘painful’.

The purpose of the unconscious mind is to preserve life. To survive, at all costs. These gathered learnings are the tools it uses to achieve survival.

Therefore, the unconscious mind is ‘hardwired’ for the purposes of self-preservation, to move away from ‘pain’ toward ‘pleasure’. This is the fundamental law of survival. Emotions and memories exist for the purposes of survival.


Emotions and Memories

Our emotions give meaning to our memories, be they ‘good’ or ‘bad’. The meaning of those emotions is either ‘painful’ or ‘pleasurable’, and I guess a few are ‘neutral’ too.

This is all learned by the unconscious mind to preserve life. But like life itself, nothing is perfect.

The problem is that our conscious mind and the unconscious mind have almost opposite perceptions of reality.

The conscious mind deals with the here and now. It deals with detail. The conscious mind therefore understands the concept of time (past, present and future), it understands reality.

The unconscious mind deals with the BIG picture. Past, present and future are perceived as now. If it ever happened – it is happening. If it happened in the past it must happen again.

This is all part of the mechanism of survival. However, it can create as many problems as it solves, and for some people it creates massive problems.

Think about trauma. What is it?

Well, according to the American Psychological Association, trauma is “the emotional response someone has to an extremely negative event.”

To expand on that, ‘trauma is the unconscious response to a memory of a ‘shocking’ past event that is no longer reality.’ That is my definition, and I expect most, if not all professionals would agree.

So why is the unconscious mind reacting this way? It is preparing the body for another ‘shocking’ event because it thinks if it ever happened it will happen again. Or, in some cases, it is still happening now. Emotions and Memories

Let us expand that concept to include anxiety, depression etc etc. You will realise the unconscious mind has created all of these emotional states, not based upon reality, but upon memories.

When we distil that down to its basic components that means trauma, depression and anxiety etc etc are not reality. They are unconscious hallucinations. Emotions and Memories

That is how Peter Zapfella assists his clients to quickly and painlessly release those conditions from the past, because they are not real anymore.

You don’t need medication, prescribed or not, because it is all an unconscious illusion. All that stuff in the mind are just memories. None of them are real now, and some maybe never happened anyway.

But that is the subject of another blog.


The Circus Comedy Hypnosis Show

Comedy Hypnosis Show, iconic, Luna Park, Opera House, Sydney Harbour

Circus Comedy Hypnosis Show 

Peter Zapfella has performed his Comedy Hypnosis Show across Australia and abroad too. This has given him a depth of knowledge and understanding of hypnotic trance that few hypnotherapist’s have ever experienced, or appreciate. Then came the opportunity to perform a circus comedy hypnosis show at one of Australia’s iconic venues.

It all started in the usual way… an email inquiry.

An events company was asking me to do a Comedy Hypnosis Show at the iconic Luna Park, diagonally opposite the Opera House on Sydney Harbour. It was to be the annual Christmas Party for one of Australia’s biggest building and construction companies.

“My Comedy Hypnosis Shows  would usually run around 60 – 90 minutes, and occasionally longer. Truth is, my shows would almost always run over time, as the fun and excitement on stage would carry us away.”

“A second email from the event organizers explained that according to their new schedule for the show I would only have 30 minutes on stage. I was less than happy about the idea, however I really wanted the opportunity to perform at Luna Park so I agreed. In any case, I thought I could somehow squeeze in another 15 or 20 minutes.”

“They would fly me across the country, from Perth, Western Australia to Sydney and put me up in a top hotel, plus pay me the fee I demanded. It was a good deal for me.”

“Days before departure I received another email from the organizers to tell me that the entertainment had evolved into a circus. There would be fire-eaters, flying trapeze and other circus acts too. I would get just 10 minutes on stage.”

“Ten minutes? I thought out aloud. I cant do a ten minute show. By the time I do a pre-show warm-up and call volunteer performers I will be out of time. This is crazy.”

“I phoned them immediately in protest, and quickly realised I was not going to get any extension of time. If I was only going to get 10 minutes on stage I was going to need to find creative ways to speed up the whole process.”

“When I worked for Spano, a legendary old time American stage hypnotist,  I observed he often took up to 40 minutes to do his pre-talk, performer selection and hypnotic trance inductions – only then did the show begin. I had a much faster show, but 10 minutes for the whole show was ridiculous. Spanos shows were always honest. No stooges or actors.”

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