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26 Apr , 2017  


means you have not found the answer yet.

Have you been searching for a happier life?

Do you have a need to release an emotional issue forever?

Or like most of us, are you looking for that edge that makes you wake up smiling and saying “bring on the day”?

We believe we can help every person lead a better life.

Today around 90% of the population are experiencing more and more struggle and personal problems in their lives.

They are living with stress and emotional challenges, yet very few people find any relief from their problems, due either because of time constraints, exuberant fees for psychiatrists, psychologists or personal coaches. Other’s try medication, usually with little or no benefit, and teher are the side-effects.

“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them”

– Albert Einstein

Peter Zapfella’s personal one on one therapies are so succesful because they are consistant with Albert Einstein’s observation of problem solving. It has proven to be a simple 100% successful and proven solution for all.

With almost 25 years experience as a qualified therapist he can guarantee a valuable, life changing transformation for the better.

YOU have come to the right web site …

read on.

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New LIVE Chat Box

22 Apr , 2017  

You can chat live with Peter Zapfella from the new Chat Box. This is perhaps one of the first live Hypnotherapy Chat Boxes available in the world. We have been experimenting with various services for months to find the most efficient available.

The new web site Chat Box works the same way as Yahoo and Facebook Messenger services. It is monitored by Peter and his Web Master when they are online, to answer your inquiries live. A new ‘mobile/cell phone’ application means we should be able to monitor 24/7. Or, if we are ‘busy’ with other inquires you can leave a message and get an answer-back. Look for the new Chat Box on the bottom right corner of the web page or click the top menu button “Live Chat Now”.

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22 Apr , 2017


Addiction,Anxiety,Depression,Disease,Hypnosis,Irrational Fears,Phobia's,Tobacco,Trauma,Weight Control

The Computer Mind

28 Mar , 2017  

Humans have designed and programmed computers to function in much the same way as the human mind.

  • Inputs including the key board, USB thumb drives and CD’s are the external inputs to the computer, just as the mind gathers external information through our eyes, ears, nose, tongue and skin etc.
  • Inside the computer cabinet or tower is a printed circuit board which we call the central processing unit (CPU). Various computer programs called operating systems run in the background whenever a computer is running. When a computer is running the user has little, if any, awareness of these systems. Within the deep unconscious mind our beliefs and behaviours run like computer programs. We are blissfully unaware of many of them.


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Addiction,Anxiety,Depression,Disease,Hypnosis,Irrational Fears,Phobia's,Tobacco,Trauma,Weight Control

New ‘Book Now’ Button

26 Mar , 2017  

We have now made things even easier – Almost every landing page on this web site now boasts a ‘Book Now’ button which hyper-links straight to the booking page.

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