subliminal messages

‘Welcome’ Subliminal Messages


Subliminal messages  (/sʌbˈliminal): literally means “below threshold” of conscious perception, below normal conscious recognition, yet within the range of hearing of our deep unconscious.subliminal-messages

Peter Zapfella has launched an exciting range of specific subliminal messanges products for many of life’s day-to-day challenges.

The positive affirmations in the range of Peter Zapfella’s ‘Welcome’ subliminal messages were carefully researched and written, based upon Neuro Semantics, of which he is a qualified Master Practitioner, and Neuro Linguistics, of which he is an internationally accredited Master and Trainer.

They are repeated every minute, and accompanied by pleasant sounds of nature and music. Peter Zapfella gives you a selection of background sounds to choose from, so you can benefit from the subliminal messages you want while listening to the background sounds you prefer. Importantly, the affirmations can clearly be heard when the background (masking) sounds are not there.

The ‘Welcome’ subliminal range can usually be safely enjoyed while driving, at work, in the home and while sleeping. If you feel tired or disorientated while driving or using heavy machinery – stop.

The research shows that the category of subliminal messages used by Peter Zapfella are effective, when the ‘intent’ and ‘emotional feelings’ of the listener are consistent with the subliminal message. They ‘prime individual responses and stimulate mild emotional activity’. However the messages will not force a listener to do anything they do not consciously desire to do.

These subliminal messages are intended to create consistent emotional, belief and behavioral balance between the conscious (logical) and the deeper unconscious (emotional) minds.

The secret of success is the way the simple messages are repeated over and over, many many times, at normal speed, just below the background sounds. You may even be able to faintly hear the spoken words from time-to-time.

No hypnotic trance is required for these subliminals to be effective., however they must be heard repeatedly.

They are excellent long-term maintenance tools, which help to ‘lock-in’ long-term change following your one-on-one session with Peter Zapfella.