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Internet Hypnosis. Shop is about to launch a fantastic Affiliate or Associate Marketing Program for bloggers and web sites with content relevant to our hundreds of product titles.

This is an excellent opportunity for therapists and health professionals to better service their patents, clients, and value add at the same time. You may think that is limited to health-related subjects, however, a quick look through our product categories reveals everything from business, finance, and relationships to sport, education, creativity, and the arts. Therefore, professionals in many different fields can now provide resources they had never dreamed possible before now.

Join Internet Hypnosis. Shop Affiliate Program

There is no joining fee. No monthly fees. It is all free to join the Internet Hypnosis. Shop affiliate program. You can start making money without any upfront investment, from your existing blogs, web sites, or videos.

Affiliate and associates are paid generous sales commissions to promote Internet Hypnosis. Shop products through optimized web sites, blogs, videos, social networking pages, podcasts, newsletters, and perhaps from mailing lists and, loyalty programs?

Internet Hypnosis. Shop can help you to make more money by providing ;

  • The largest range of self-help, and personal development download MP3 products, available on the Internet. While others claim to be the largest with only 1000 MP3 downloads, or even less, look at the Internet Hypnosis. Shop stats. 440 subliminal affirmation products with 2640 variants by mid-2021. Then, in mid-2021 we will start to roll out 400 state-of-the-art technologically progressive Surge Effect© subliminal affirmation products with 2000 variants. This new product is exclusive to Internet Hypnosis. Shop. Then we will produce 400 Freedom From advanced hypnotherapy/NLP products, 400 Vanish hypnotherapy products, 100 Ultra NLP MP3s, and 440 Complete Packs. Internet Hypnosis. Shop will eventually have almost 6000 MP3 downloads. The largest selection of self-help, and personal development hypnosis and subliminal affirmation MP3s by a country mile.
  • Products are priced from a low $9.99 each MP3 through to discounted bundles ranging in price from less than $40 to $75. Complete Packs are available for various prices up to $200. Customers usually buy multiple MP3s, and it is not unusual for them to return and buy more later. Obviously they are very happy with their purchase.
  • We can provide you with visual resources, banners, text to insert, and short audio and video clips with integrated links to Internet Hypnosis. Shop products.
  • We can even provide free pre-written articles related to specific products with integrated links! That way you can just add them to your own web site, social media site etc.
  • After you have installed our pre-written articles or our links into your existing and new content, you don’t have to do another thing. As your referrals click-through, your assigned cookie tracks their purchases at Internet Hypnosis. Shop.
  • Tiered Affiliate Rates means the more referrals you introduce, the more commission you earn. You are rewarded with higher and higher commission rates as you refer more customers.
  • You will be paid a commission on all sales, not once but every time they return to purchase again for up to 365 days.
  • So even if they do not buy on their first visit, you will get paid for their subsequent purchases.
  • We do all the work for you. Your cookies track your referral’s purchases and add all of your commissions to your account dashboard in realtime. You can access all this data information at any time.
  • We have a dedicated real live person (not a computer program that just directs you to the FAQ page), who moderates our affiliate marketing program. He is here to help you make money as an Internet Hypnosis. Shop affiliate.
  • You are paid directly into your PayPal account.
  • You just set it up and then enjoy a passive income. We can show you how. It is so easy.
  • Obviously, the more relevant links you have to more products across our huge range of categories the more effective your potential to make money. So link from all of your web sites, blogs, videos, social networking sites, podcasts, newsletters, and perhaps from mailing lists and, loyalty programs?
Enjoy a passive income with Internet HypnosisShop Affiliate Program

Meet our Affiliate Moderator Zynef. He is dedicated to creating a strong winning relationship between us.

Meet the Internet Hypnosis. Shop Team - Zynef
Zynef is the Marketing Director at Internet Hypnosis. Shop. Zy has a Diploma in Digital Media, and is now the Internet Hypnosis. Shop Social Media Director, His role includes Affiliate Moderator.

We say ‘relevant’ blog or page because people are more likely to become a customer if the Internet Hypnosis. Shop product you link to is relevant to the subject in your blog, web site or video. This pre-qualifies peoples interest in the relevant topic or subject. When they buy you get paid. It is a true win-win-win scenario for everyone.

We are accepting expressions of interest now. So, if you own a web site, write blogs, YouTube videos, podcasts, or have a social networking page, and you are ready to make money while you sleep. Contact Zynef now.

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