Contact Peter in Perth, Darwin, Bali, and Singapore monthly, and Jakarta, Manila and Cebu (Philippines).


You can chat live with Peter Zapfella from the new ‘Lets Talk’ Chat Box in teh lower right corner of this screen. This is perhaps one of the first live Hypnotherapy Chat Boxes available in the world. We have been experimenting with various services for months to find the most efficient available.

The new web site Chat Box works the same way as Yahoo and Facebook Messenger services. It is monitored by Peter and his Web Master when they are online, to answer your inquiries live. A new ‘mobile/cell phone’ application means we should be able to monitor 24/7. Or, if we are ‘busy’ with other inquires or therapies, you can leave a message and get an answer-back. Look for the new Chat Box on the bottom right corner of the web page or click the top menu button “Live Chat Now”.



You can use the new automated booking form. Please indicate your



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Australia Mobile/Cell Phone: +61 (0) 4 3271 8026

Australia Landline: +61 (0) 8 95 352 358

Peter’s Direct (StarHub: Roam fee free) Mobile/Cell Phone: +65 94251223

(for Singapore, Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Hong Kong and Taiwan)

Indonesia (Bali and Jakarta) Mobile/Cell Agents Phone: 089666445448

Singapore Mobile/Cell Agents Phone: 91325495

Philippines (Manila and Cebu) Mobile/Cell Agents Phone: 09568872943










Skype Peter Zapfella

Peter Zapfella is one of the first therapists to use VOIP, including Skype to treat clients over the Internet.

He has had successful clients via Skype from the Australian out-back, North America, Europe and Asia. “When we have a good Internet connection I really is like us being in the same room together,” he said.

 “Most definitely. I was terrified of having a radiotherapy mask made, he Skyped me from Bali the day before it was due. It works over Skype because Peter asked me to shut my eyes and listen. The next day I was calm throughout the process which is quite long. Extremely good, can’t recommend highly enough.”  Madge Canna United Kingdom.

Skype computer calls are FREE world-wide.


Download the program at: Open an account, then add Peter Zapfella as a contact.