Foreground Variants


Because we all have different listening preferences, every ‘Welcome’ Subliminal Affirmation product has a choice of foreground (or background) sound variants for you to choose from. You can download which ever foreground variants match your style and mood. The sound level of the spoken affirmation messages is low, but not ‘silent’. They are masked by the foreground sounds so that your conscious mind can barely hear them. Studies prove this is the most effective level for success.

‘Gentle lake waves’ Great for relaxing. WARNING: DO NOT listen to this MP3 when driving or using machinery.

Gentle Lake Waves

Pleasant ‘guitar and piano’ music.

‘Zumba’ style Latin dance music. Up-beat ‘Zumba’ style Latin dance music. Great for driving, running and gym.

Subliminals In

We will add additional masking environmental sounds soon. They are: ‘Mountain Stream’ and ‘Gentle Rain On A Tin Roof’.

‘Mountain stream’

‘Gentle rain on a tin roof’

There are four different binaural wave foreground variants.

These are;

  • Anti-Anxiety,
  • Beta (stimulating alertness/activity),
  • Theta (stimulating deep sleep), and
  • seXXX (stimulating sexual thoughts and feelings)

A binaural wave is an auditory illusion perceived when two different pure-tone sine waves, both with frequencies lower then 1500 Hz, with less than 40 Hz difference between them, are presented to the listener dichotically. Binaural waves are most effective when heard with headphones, a different tone in each ear.

All ‘Welcome’ subliminal affirmation MP3’s have at least one optional binaural waves variant. This powerful feature is not included with the music and environmental sound variants, so you have a choice.

Many ‘Welcome’ titles incorporate an optional ‘Anti-Anxiety ‘binaural waves MP3, designed to help you feel more confident.

Beta wave binaurals are designed to vitalise you while listening. Great for driving, gym, walking, running and other physical activities. WARNING: DO NOT listen to this MP3 if you want to relax and perhaps sleep, as it is designed to keep you awake.

Theta wave binuaral waves can stimulate deep relaxation, and perhaps sleep. WARNING: DO NOT listen to this MP3 when driving or using machinery as this binaural is designed to cause the listener to feel drowsy.

The optional seXXX brain wave binaural beats are designed to make you more receptive to sexual thoughts and feelings while the unconscious mind is listening to the relevant subliminal affirmations.

You can listen to different foreground masking sounds of the same affirmations depending upon your mood. They may promote sleep and relaxation, or activity including driving, gym and running.

Here is an example;


  • Environmental Lake Waves
  • Piano and Guitar music
  • ‘Zumba’ Latin style dance music
  • Anti-anxiety binaural waves

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