albert_einstein. Impossible means you have not found the right answer.

Impossible means you have not found right answer


means you have not found the right answer yet.

Have you been searching for a happier life?

Do you have a need to overcome and release emotional issues?

Or, like most of us are you looking for that ‘special something’ that makes you wake up smiling and saying to yourself “I am ready for anything”?

We believe we can help every person lead a better life into the future.

Today around 90% of the population are experiencing more and more struggle and personal problems in their lives. Technology has speeded up everything.

In the ‘good old days’ people used snail mail, or had to drive across town to attend meetings. Now everything is immediate “I want it now” with emails, mobile cell phones, Skype meetings …..

We are living with greater stress and emotional challenges than ever before. Yet very few people find any relief from their problems, due either because of time constraints, or exuberant fees for psychiatrists, psychologists or personal coaches in never ending sessions. Other’s try medication (usually with little or no benefit), and there is addiction and those awful side-effects to consdier. No wonder people are turning to alcohol and drugs to find some relief!

Albert Einstein said “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.”


“The negative ideas of your mind have to be released, not repressed by positive ideas. You have to create a consciousness which is neither positive nor negative. That will be the pure consciousness. In that pure consciousness you will live the most natural and blissful life…” Osho. Philosopher and Spiritual  Guru.


Impossible means you have not found the right answer yet.

Peter Zapfella uses the latest psychotherapy technologies in his individual one-on-one therapies (not the ‘one-size’ fits all approach) to create personal break-throughs with his clients. They are so succesful because they are consistant with philospher’s Albert Einstein and Osho’s observation’s of problem solving. Peter Zapfella’s approach has proven to be a simple 100% successful and proven solution.

With more than 22 years experience as a qualified therapist he can guarantee a valuable, life changing transformation for the better.

YOU have come to the right place on the world-wide-web …

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