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Performance Coaching, what is it?

We can blame our parents, our education, our government or the economy, however in truth the results we get in life are a direct reflection of our own unconscious beliefs, attitudes, behaviours and values. Performance Coaching

Using Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP). Neuro Semantics, the Emotional Alignment Technique and advanced Hypnotherapy methods Peter Zapfella can guide you to improve your performance by:

  • re-align and delete negative emotions.
  • lower stress levels.
  • delete self-limiting beliefs and inner conflict.
  • delete habits of behaviour that block your path forward.
  • using strategies for success.
  • stimulate new behaviours.
  • advanced personal change techniques.
  • re-align individual and group values.
  • move forward with better focus and clarity.

Collectively we call this Performance Coaching.

performance coaching, alignment, NLP, Peter Zapfella, hypnosis, hypnotherapy, therapy
Alignment of individual and group values

“Thank you so much for changing my life. The last few days have been a blessing. Everything I do is easy (beyond anxiety and depression). I have the energy of 6 people and not a bad feeling. When ever I have the chance I will send people your way for help as well. When I start my personal training business I will hand out your flyers if that’s all right. Thank you once again.”– Clinton. Mandurah, Western Australia.

Peter Zapfella can work with individuals almost anywhere in the world via Skype for:

  • an intensive personal breakthrough sessions.
  • On-going sessions as needed.
  • a program to deal with a particular performance issue.
  • team development programs.
  • for performance coaching.


Top sports performance is far more than physical training. The mind is often the key to personal break-through’s.

Studies consistently show the power of mental rehearsal. Australian psychologist Alan Richardson, for instance, conducted an experiment with three groups of basketball players. One group were told to do nothing, the second group were told to spend twenty minutes a day practicing free throws, and the third group were told to spend twenty minutes a day imagining shooting perfect free throws. Unsurprisingly, the group who did nothing at all showed no improvement in their shooting ability, but the group who did nothing but imaginary practice showed almost identical improvement to the group who practiced physically (an improvement of 23% and 24% respectively). It would have been really interesting to see the improvement of a group who had combined physical and mental practice.

Peter Zapfella has worked with several elite sports people who have improved their performances. He can work with both individuals and team sports people who want to overcome specific self-limiting beliefs and achieve their very best performance objectives.


Peter Zapfella can assist you to identify the unconscious blocks that have been holding you back, then blow them away.

He can give you the skills to communicate effectively on many levels, and influence with integrity. Performance coaching.

“’Im currently working on a brand new TV series for Discovery International and were carrying out a worldwide search, for people who may be interested in participating in this new show with world- famous adventurer, Bear Grylls. I would love to chat to you about it.” Warm wishes, Nicola. London, England

Focusing management groups and key personal upon corporate goals and values. Building corporate esprit de corps using Comedy Hypnosis. Peter has worked with Fuijisu Executives, KPMG, Wesfarmers and others.

Advertising and Promotion

Colour psychology is the study and application of colour to affect mood and decision making.

Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) is the study of language, including print, to affect mood and decision making. Peter Zapfella is a Master and Trainer of NLP, and a Colour Therapist. He is available as a consultant to advise small business and larger organisations in making their corporate image, advertising and marketing work better.


Communication problems? Misunderstandings? Conflicts? Emotional issues? Are you struggling with a relationship challenge or a relationship break-down. A successful relationship enjoys one hundred per cent commitment from everyone who is part of it.

Personal Growth

With the unique combination of NLP Performance Coaching, metaphysics, and non-religious spiritual values, Peter can guide you toward becoming the person you know you can be.


Perhaps the most important foundation of peak performance is good health. “The most important thing you can do with money is look after your physical and emotional health,” says 83 year old, Harry Triguboff . (He is ranked Australia’s 3rd richest person (worth more than aus$10 billion) according to BRW.)

Peter Zapfella appreciates the interplay between physical and emotional health, and assist’s his clients to reach their best, through performance coaching.

“Do something amazing for yourself”