Skype and Facetime World-Wide 24/7 Therapy –

Peter Zapfella was one of the first therapists in the world to adopt VOIP technologies including Skype and Facetime, in 2008.

‘Using Skype with my clients is usually just like them being in the same room’ says Peter. ‘The same guarantees apply’

Skype and Facetime

He has conducted many successful therapies with people across Australia, including the ‘outback’. New Zealand, Asia, the Middle East, Europe and USA too.

“I find more and more people are using Skype and Facetime for their treatments, from across Australia and around the world.” – Peter Zapfella

“The Skype session with me for my claustrophobia and panic attacks really worked. On Wednesday, I was kept latched to the operating table for well over an hour in total and didn’t panic once.” – Alyson Willis. United Kingdom.

Skype and Facetime

Because of the time-zone differences Peter is usually available for Skype clients 24/7. He also uses technology to send his clients files, including MP3’s through Drop Box or WeTransfer.

Skype and Facetime

  • Skype can be used on multiple devices including desktop, laptop, mobile/cell phone, tablets, Xbox and wearables that are connected to the Internet.
  • Skype requires a minimum download/upload speed of 400kbps, while 1.2Mbps is better.
  • You can check your Internet speed for free at or
  • You can download and use Skype for free at
  • Then add Peter to your contact list. His Skype ID is ‘Peter Zapfella’.

Fee’s can be paid using your credit/debit card via PayPal.

Skype and Facetime

Skype and Facetime

Apple Users can also use FaceTime, much like Skype, on their IOS devices.

FaceTime on any of these devices, over Wi Fi:

  • iPhone 4 (and later models)
  • iPad Pro (all models)
  • iPad 2 (and later models)
  • iPad mini (all models)
  • iPod touch (5th generation or later)
  • Facetime is not available on older Apple devices, or non-Apple devices.
  • Facetime requires a minimum 1Mbps download and upload speed.

If you have any anxiety and self-doubts about your ability to achieve hypnotic trance during Skype therapy with Peter Zapfella, you can download a FREE MP3 here to practice at home.

“Do something amazing for yourself”


The new 2018 Fee Structure represents a complete change from  previous years, when a single price existed.

Now there are 2 ranges, SILVER and GOLD

SILVER represents far better value because it reflects the 2008 hourly fee structure. It is a 25% discount over 2017 fee’s, when a deposit is paid with booking.

GOLD represents the best value because it reflects all the advantages of the SILVER PACKAGE, and also includes the 500+ page E Book and support MP3’s discounted around 50% off the combined retail value. A deposit is required to qualify. These are sent by Drop Box or WeTranser online. Plus the GOLD PACKAGE provides a FREE FOLLOW-UP GUARENTEE. 

Fee Structure 2018 – Peter Zapfella

Features                                                          SILVER                       GOLD


Booking with                                                       Y                                   Y

deposit discount

Bonus MP3’s                                                         Y                                   Y

Book with                                                                Y                                   Y

friend discount*

Refer friend                                                             Y                                   Y

rebate offer*

Testimonial                                                              Y                                   Y

rebate offer*

FREE follow-up                                                     N                                   Y


500+ page E Book                                               N                                   Y

MP3 Package                                                      N                                   Y


SILVER PACKAGE – Better Value (2008 Fee)

Deposit paid = booking = ‘discount’ 2008 rate per hour.

SILVER automatically applies when you pay your deposit with booking.

Bonus MP3’s and PDF’s

Booking same time with friend 5% discount each*

Refer (not same) friend 5% rebate offer*

Testimonial 5% rebate offer*

SILVER PACKAGE included free

You can convert from the SILVER PACKAGE to the GOLD PACKAGE at any time up until just before therapy commences.


GOLD PACKAGE – Best Value (2008 fee plus extra’s)

Deposit paid = booking = ‘discount’ hourly fee.

Bonus MP3’s

Booking same time with friend 5% discount each*

Refer (not same) friend 5% rebate offer*

Testimonial 5% rebate offer*

FREE follow-up Guarantee

500+ page E Book included

$200 MP3 and PDF Package included 

GOLD PACKAGE (aud$100) A discount of 50% off the combined retail value.


*Subject to conditions on application.