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“I tried everything to quit tobacco smoking. I tried the nicotine patches. I tried the prescription medication. I tried cold turkey (many, many times), I tried expensive hypnosis (and walked out and lit-up). I tried the lot. Nothing worked. Nothing. Then I heard about Peter Zapfella and went to him as my last hope. I walked out of his office after a couple of hours of mind-blowing discussion, and have not smoked since. The cravings have gone 100%. I know I will never smoke again.” A.M.J. Baldivis. WA

The Circus Show # 1.

The Circus Show # 1.

By Peter Zapfella

It all started in the usual way… an email inquiry. 

An events company was asking me to do a Comedy Hypnosis Show at the iconic Luna Park, diagonally opposite the Opera House on Sydney Harbour. It was to be the annual Christmas Party for one of Australia’s biggest building and construction companies.

(Photo by Caroline McCredie/Getty Images for Paramount International)

My Comedy Hypnosis Shows (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S_3BFG5YfKU) would usually run around 60 – 90 minutes, and occasionally longer. Truth is, my shows would almost always run over time, as the fun and excitement on stage would carry us away.

A second email from the event organizers explained that according to their new schedule for the show I would only have 30 minutes on stage. I was less than happy about the idea, however I really wanted the opportunity to perform at Luna Park so I agreed. In any case, I thought I could somehow squeeze in another 15 or 20 minutes.

They would fly me across the country, from Perth, Western Australia to Sydney and put me up in a top hotel, plus pay me the fee I demanded. It was a good deal for me.

Days before departure I received another email from the organizers to tell me that the entertainment had evolved into a circus. There would be fire-eaters, flying trapeze and other circus acts too. I would get just 10 minutes on stage.

“Ten minutes?” I thought out aloud. “I can’t do a ten minute show. By the time I do a pre-show warm-up and call volunteer performers I will be out of time. This is crazy.”

I phoned them immediately in protest, and quickly realised I was not going to get any extension of time. If I was only going to get 10 minutes on stage I was going to need to find creative ways to speed up the whole process. 

When I worked for Spano, a ledgendary ‘old time’ American stage hypnotist, (www.abc.net.au/dimensions/dimensions_people/Transcripts/s934015.htm)I observed he often took up to 40 minutes to do his pre-talk, performer selection and hypnotic trance inductions – only then did the show begin. I had a much faster show, but 10 minutes for the whole show was ridiculous.

Spano’s shows were always ‘honest’. No stooges or actors.

I knew that some ‘old time’ stage hypnotists, such as the late Frankquin, from New Zealand (www.google.com.au/search?q=Franquin+hypnotist&client=firefox-a&hs=r3y&rls=org.mozilla:en-US:official&tbm=isch&tbo=u&source=univ&sa=X&ei=wkVPU9yqAYSplQX0xYHYBw&ved=0CDQQsAQ&biw=1182&bih=844) had used ‘stooges’; paid actors planted in the audience to ensure a successful show. I knew some stage hypnotists would recruit volunteers before the show and pre-hypnotise them back stage, as an assurance of a successful show.

I had never done that, always preferring to do an honest ‘as you see it’ performance.

I put it to the event organisers that I could do a 10 minute show …. IF they could recruit a dozen volunteer performers who wanted to be a part of the show on stage. I would take them back stage and do the pre-talk and hypnotic induction before the show, then send them back to their seats in the audience. After dinner I would go on stage and call them up, and do the 10 minute show. They liked the idea.

I usually performed my Comedy Hypnosis Shows with a technician who would assist me set up all the lights and sound systems, he would then operate the control console during the show. He knew all the cues for music and sound effects. He was my second pair of eyes, and also the ‘time keeper’. I decided to invest my fee and take him with me to Sydney. It was a brilliant idea, because as it turned out, without him there would never have been a show.

The Circus Show # 2.

By Peter Zapfella

We were to catch an early Saturday morning flight out of Perth, arriving in Sydney in the early afternoon. Suddenly I was woken by a phone call from my technician. He was at my front door, I should have been dressed and ready to drive to the airport. My alarm had failed.

I leaped out of bed, grabbing my bags and clothes. I dressed in the car, as he sped down the deserted freeway toward the airport. We were running late, perhaps too late to catch our flight. If we missed this flight we would not get to Sydney in time for tonight’s show.

At the airport there was a mad scramble as we sprinted into the departure lounge. While it was deserted outside, there were hundreds of people inside. As my technician took up a position at the end of a long queue of people, I heard a ‘final announcement’ for our flight. We rushed to the ‘late desk’ and managed to slip through the door as it was closing.

Sydney street performers

Around six hours later we were wandering along Sydney’s colorful Circular Quay, watching street performers, while looking for our hotel. We found it, but the room was not ready. 

A quick check of emails revealed another problem. The event organisers informed me that New South Wales government regulations required me to hold a special insurance policy for my performance. It was already Saturday afternoon, and the event was just a few hours away. The insurance offices were closed for the weekend. Checkmate?

The event organisers put me in touch with an insurance agent over the phone who could give me an immediate ‘cover note’, however the insurance fee was to be ten times more than the fee I was to be paid for the event! In short, I was required to pay ten times more to the insurance company, than I was to be paid for the performance.

That was the local law, and I was already there…. ready to perform in a few short hours.

The insurance agent then told me that even if I agreed, I had to pay the insurance policy before the evening’s performance, and he had no facility to accept payment from me. 

As we waited for the hotel room to be made available, I was stuck in an impossible dilemma. I am ready to perform tonight as agreed, yet I am suddenly informed I cannot perform without the required insurance policy, which must be paid before the performance, but cannot be paid because the office is closed.

I called the event organizer to explain the dilemma, who called the insurance agent, who agreed to accept payment if I paid the event organizer. I had to pay the event organizer so I could do the performance… crazy!

The Circus Show # 3.

By Peter Zapfella

We checked into our room, and then immediately went to Luna Park, across Sydney Harbour Bridge.

Luna Park, Sydney Harbour

I met the event organisers and paid them my insurance fee as arranged.

Upon entering the venue I was shocked to see an elevated round platform in the middle of a massive tent like building, filled with lavish dinning settings. A round stage?

Comedy Hypnosis Shows are performed on a traditional theatre stage. It has a front, a back and sides – left and right. We stand on a stage and face the audience…. there is a front.

On a standard theatre stage I can make sure my volunteer performers stay well away from the edge of the stage during the performance. How can I watch a dozen people on a round stage?

If I face in any particular direction I am only playing to around one third of the audience, while the other two thirds are behind me somewhere.

The event organisers did not tell me it would be a round stage, and to make matters even worse, it was particularly high. All the further for my volunteer performers to fall and injure themselves! 

I am aware of only one successful insurance claim against a stage hypnotist, where he returned an unsuccessful performer to the audience by pointing in their general direction, and saying “I cannot hypnotise you. So go back to your seat in the audience.” The person stood up and walked off the front of the stage, over the edge, breaking their leg. The court found the stage hypnotist was negligent because he did not direct the person to use the stairs.

As fire eaters and flying trapeze performers were doing their thing, I had to get creative and come up with some quick workable strategies. 

I decided to arrange a dozen chairs in a circle, in the middle of the round stage. I would stand in the center of the circle, behind my performers, who would all be facing some of the audience, in every direction. In that way we would have a 360-degree front, with no back.

We did some sound checks with the radio microphones, and located the back room where I would pre-hypnotise my volunteer performers. Then back to the hotel near the Sydney Opera House to shower and dress for the evening performance.

The Circus Show # 4.

By Peter Zapfella

We had used the train as the quickest and most direct route back and forth across the coat hanger. If only the event organisers had booked a hotel room for me near Luna Park, of which there were several, it would have been far more convenient and easier for me.

I was standing on the railway platform at Circular Quay waiting for the train which would take be back across the Sydney Harbour Bridge for my evening performance, when I realised other commuters on the platform were becoming irritable. The train was late…2 minutes, 5 minutes, 7 minutes, 10 minutes….too late. The train was not coming.

I do not know why…. but the train did not come at all. We had to wait for the next train, by which time I was running late for my performance.

By the time I got to the venue it was crowded with hundreds of people in elegant evening dress. They were the who’s who of the nations building and construction community, on show in their finest attire.

I was introduced to a group of these people, and then lead to a back room where I proceeded to outline the show and what I expected from them. I also took the time to explain the basics of hypnosis and answer their questions. They were an intelligent and enthusiastic group, and we were all feeling confident.

I proceeded to hypnotise them using my usual stage method. A couple of minutes in, and suddenly the fire alarm went off. Loud bells rung through the building. I decided to use the bells as part of my hypnotic induction, telling my volunteers that the sound of loud bells would increase the effectiveness of the hypnosis.

I noticed the reflection of flashing lights and looked around through the window behind me. Fire Brigade trucks had pulled into the forecourt outside. Firemen were pouring out of the trucks wearing breathing apparatus. No one had told me otherwise, so I continued my hypnotic induction as my volunteers all stood around me – eyes closed.

Suddenly the doors to the room flung open and a group of uniformed men burst into the room. They were firemen wearing full face masks. Just as suddenly they went out again through another door and I never saw them again.

Satisfied with my volunteers I sent them back to their seating in the main venue to enjoy their evening.

I had never tried a pre-hypnotic induction before, and certainly not an induction during an apparent fire emergency false alarm.

Being an eternal optimist I expected an excellent performance, although the day so far had been one problem after another. What could go wrong next?

Look for: The Circus Show # 5. Soon

By Peter Zapfella

© Copyright. 2014 – 2019 Peter Zapfella www.PeterZapfella.com

Do you want to be an entertainer or shine in business?

Do you want to be an entertainer or shine in business?

Be fascinating, be titillating, be different, be original, be special, be memorable.

When it comes to making friends and creating relationships – it really helps if you are a little different from the crowd.

Even if you are a naturally a shy person, you can still become an interesting person. Just as an actor takes on a part, then rehearses it, practices it well before the first performance – you too can practice the feelings of confidence, attractive personality, and intrigue. Peter Zapfella has a simple NLP technique you can use to perfect these personal qualities before launching them upon your audience.

Once practiced and perfected you can first perform your new quality upon a close friend before diving in to wider social gatherings.

Practice, practice, practice until it becomes natural for you. The method is really ‘faking it’, or acting until making it part of your rapporteur of behaviors.

You can pick your own moments to shine, and those moments when it is better to step into the background. The Kenny Rogers song ‘The Gambler’ say’s 

If you’re gonna play the game, boy

You gotta learn to play it right

You’ve got to know when to hold ’em

Know when to fold ’em”

To be interesting, you don’t have to be the class clown or act like a loud person. All you really need to do is look and feel positive. Feel good about yourself, and other’s will naturally feel good about you too.

Smile naturally. Laugh naturally. Other people are always attracted to those who smile and laugh. Again Peter Zapfella has performance coaching to assist you shine, be it on stage or in business.

See https://peterzapfella.com/performance-coaching/

666 Weight Loss

A very simple way to start your weight loss program is called 666 Weight Loss. This strategy is used by women who successfully control their weight long-term. It is a simple ‘rule’ they live-by. You can do it too. All it takes is a little self-discipline to get started. if you do not have enough self-discipline the 666 is a good way to learn it. Before you know it 666 Weight Loss will be habitual. 

Between 6.00PM and 6.00AM you do not drink alcohol or eat anything, 6 days a week. That’s it!

You can drink tea and coffee. But NO alcohol or soda drinks.

The idea is you eat your evening meal early, long before you go to bed. This gives your digestive system the opportunity to do it’s job before you settle down for the night.

It also makes ‘nocturnal eating’ illegal. Many people have told me they battle with late evening munches, that are the cause of their weight loss challenges.

One day a week, maybe Friday OR Saturday night (but not both) you can eat and drink later into the night.

If someone in your household is a ‘secret’ noctural eater, I suggest you balance a spoon on the refrigerator door at 6.00PM. If the door is opened the spoon will fall to the ground and make a loud ‘clang’ noise which will frighten the hell out of them and alert everyone to their night-time antics.

The other thing I have tried with great success is sticky tape. Just tape the refrigerator door closed with clear tape. Invariably, when they try to open the refrigerator door during the night it will be ‘stuck closed’. Their swearing will wake-up the whole house-hold.

No wonder they say 666 is the number of the beast.

Tobacco smoking v’s Vaping

Tobacco smoking V’s Vaping by Peter Zapfella

Teenagers smoking electronic cigarette in park

A new study by the Queen Mary University of London and published in the New England Journal of Medicine into the effectiveness of Nicotine Replacement Therapies (NRT) such as patches, gum, lozenges and sprays, and E Cigarettes has found;

  • The trial recruited people who were committed to quit tobacco smoking.
  • Participants in the trial also recieved weekly one-on-one behavioural support for the first month of the study.
  • The study participants received free Nicotine Replacement Therapies (NRT) such as patches, gum, lozenges and sprays.
  • Around 90 per cent of NRT users had relapsed back into smoking, within a year.
  • More than 80 per cent of E Cigarette users had relapsed back into smoking tobacco again, within a year.
  • 8 out of 10 e-cigarette users who quit tobacco smoking successfully, and did not relapse, were still vaping at the end of the 12 month trial. They had simply transferred their bad habit, not overcome it.
  • So fewer than 2 in every one hundred people in the study quit tobacco smoking AND vaping. I think that is a very poor outcome, hen ‘cold turkey can get a 5 per cent success rate.
  • These results reflect similar results in other trials.

“It wasn’t, ‘Here’s an e-cigarette, good luck! ‘ — people had behavioural support alongside it,” said Professor McRobbie, a professor of public health interventions at Queen Mary University of London.

“We want to see (tobacco) smokers switch [to vaping], and then ideally get off vaping as well,”  Professor McRobbie went on to say.

“This can be seen as problematic if e-cigarette use for a year signals ongoing long-term use, which may pose as-yet-unknown health risks,” the study authors noted.

There is no evidence to show vaping is safe in the long term. Research keeps finding dangerous chemicals in the vaping liquids.

Simon Chapman, emeritus professor of public health at Sydney University, recently told the media “It will take decades before we know whether or not vaping is less dangerous than smoking, and by how much, if at all.”

At this stage the big question is, which is worse for long term health? Tobacco smoking or vaping? No one knows the answer.

Public health experts have raised concerns about the potential uptake of vaping among young people — and this providing a gateway to tobacco smoking.

“I would encourage people using vaping — even as a way of stopping smoking — to also stop vaping.“said Coral Gartner, who leads the NiAcotine and Tobacco Regulatory Science Research Group at the University of Queensland.

Vaping nicotine is legal in Britain, New Zealand, the US and Canada, however, the sale of liquid nicotine is illegal in Australia — a ban that was upheld by the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) in 2017.

The E Cigarette patents are owned by tobacco companies. So they profit out of people quitting tobacco to take up the vaping habit long-term.

They also profit from teenagers and young people taking up vaping and perhaps progressing to tobacco.

The ideal health and financial answer is to quit both. See Quit Smoking.

‘Welcome’ Subliminal Affirmations

In 1988 Peter Zapfella purchased and used a series of subliminal affirmation cassettes produced by Stuart Wilde. Then in 1996 Peter recorded his first in studio relaxation cassette for clinic clients. He started researching subliminals in the same year. Peter had intended to create several more cassette-based products, however state-of-the-art recording studio technology was so expensive in those days – and the Internet was in its infancy too. The time was not yet right. 

Peter graduated from the Australian Academy of Hypnotic Science in Melbourne in 1995, under the instruction of the late Doctor James Goulding (AUS), who trained under Gil Boyne in the USA. Joane Goulding  (AUS) LMASCH., LMAACHP, Emeritus MPCHA, MATMS. Joane is the La Grande Dame of Hypnotherapy in Australia. With over 40 years’ experience as a teacher and educator of Clinical Hypnotherapy, Joane is a consultant to the Hypnotherapy Council of Australia (HCA). She is a Director of the Goulding Institute and creator of the SleepTalk® for children process. Peter trained with others, including media psychologist, the late John Cheetham (AUS). John was well known for his commentary, as a psychologist, on coast-to-coast network radio and the National 9 and 7 TV networks across Australia. Peter graduated from the Australian Academy of Hypnotic Science in Melbourne in 1995, with the annual student prize.

The diploma is recognized by the Australian Government, approved by the Australian Hypnotherapists Association (AHA), the Australian Society of Clinical Hypnotherapists (ASCH) and the Australian Association of Clinical Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy (AACHP). The academy is a founder member of Hypnotherapy Council of Australia. Following his successful studies at the AAHS Peter travelled to the USA to study with the Executive Director of the American Institute of Hypnotherapy, Dr Everett James Ph.D. Hypno (USA). 

Peter is an internationally certified Master and Trainer of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP). He trained under Master Trainers Dr Tad James Ph.D. Hypno (USA),Dr Adriana James Ph.D. Hypno (AUS)Julie Silverthorne Psych (USA)John Overduff Psych (USA)Philippa Bond (AUS), and Dr Susan Chu MD. (HK), Ardith James (USA), George Faddoul (AUS), Lori Flores (USA), Tim Halborn (USA)Dr, Denis Sartain Ph.D. Psych (UK)Sue Knight (UK)Kis Halborn (USA), Dr.Bogdan Bobocea D.C.H.(AUS) and others from 1995 onward.

In 2001 Peter also studied Neuro Semantics, with the originator’s Dr Michael Hall Ph.D. Psych (USA) and  Dr. Bobby Bodenhamer Ph.D. Theo (USA).

He has studied personally with Dr Deepak Chopra MD (US),  Dr Wayne Dwyer MD (US), Stuart Wilde (UK) and many others. In addition, he has been initiated into the Shamanic Sciences of Huna and various meditation practices, after traveling to Asia and Hawaii.

Peter Zapfella developed the Emotional Alignment Technique (formerly Emotional Alignment Therapy) which has been used to assist thousands of people overcome addictions and dependencies.

In 1998 Peter produced his own subliminal cassettes for his own use. 

‘Welcome’ subliminal messages are like a caring parent or good friend who is inspiring you to develop new behaviours, habits, and beliefs that you already know you want and need to develop a happier, better life. They motivate you to change for the better. They focus your unconscious mind and encourage it to make positive changes as it hears the constantly repeated messages.

Our unconscious mind reflects our self-talk, which in turn become unconscious beliefs, which then drive our behaviours, which create emotions which reflect our self-talk… and so it goes around and around like a dog chasing its tail.

As your conscious…. listens, your unconscious… learns. Your unconscious creates new neurological connections…. and opens its self to new positive belief’s. These are new possibilities of behaviour, and new positive experiences of reality.

No hypnotic trance is required for success! The secret of success is the way the affirmations are repeated over and over again, just below conscious awareness, but within awareness of the unconscious mind.

The sound level of the affirmation messages is low, but not silent. They are masked by environmental sounds and music so that your conscious mind can barely hear them.

The ‘language’ of the unconscious mind is emotion. Our body language, and the tonality of our words betray our unconscious emotions. Therefore, Peter Zapfella’s ‘Welcome’ subliminal affirmations are scripted with emotionally charged words, and when recorded they are portrayed using emotion in a theatrical manner (emoted), to make them more effective.

‘Welcome’ subliminal affirmation MP3’s are available in the following categories:

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Weight Control,

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We are so delighted with our ‘Welcome’ Subliminal Affirmations they all come with the same industry leading, lifetime 100% money-back guarantee. If for any reason, you are not satisfied, contact us for an exchange or refund. There is no time limit – you can take as long as you want. We have total confidence in our products and we want you to be happy with your purchases. You won’t find a better offer anywhere.