Would you like to be a guest on the new Peter Zapfella Podcast?


I often get interesting feed-back from past clients, sometimes through their family and friends who subsequently book to see me too.

We are launching a new monthly Podcast; and we want to share your success story with other past clients and their family and friends. Each month we will publish a podcast episode that showcases the latest news and developments in personal change technologies. We will also talk about your success, struggles and everything in between as a result of yoru session or sessions with Peter Zapfella.

We can make the podcasting episodes both informative and entertaining.

The Podcast will be published on our main web site (www.PeterZapfella.com) and others (BaliHypnosis.com, JakartaHypnosis.com, SingaporeHypnosis.sg, MandurahHypnosis.com and DarwinHypnosis.com.au), and syndicated on all of our social networks including Linked In, Facebook etc), Itunes, Peter Zapfella’s YouTube page and Soundcloud.

If you would like to be interviewed for the podcast just fill in this form now.

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Podcast is a word which combines ‘pod‘ as in the Apple ‘iPod‘ device and ‘cast’ as in ‘broadcast‘. A podcast is an episodic series of digital audio files which can be accessed from computers, mobile cell phones and other devices which can play media from the Internet. Peter Zapfella has a broadcasting background in both radio, documentaries and TV, dating from 1982. He produced voice-over for commercials, had his own radio show and appeared on various documentaries and TV shows, including the Don Lane Show. More recently he has been a regular on ‘The Couch’ talk show on Foxtel. The Podcasts will be a new adventure into online broadcasting.