Addictions and Dependencies

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Addictions and dependencies may include tobacco, alcohol, gambling, caffeine, chocolate, cola, sugar, methamphetamine, cocaine, marijuana, painkillers (codeine, ibuprofen etc), gaming, television, mobile/cell phones, Internet, collecting junk, hoarding, pornography, cults, and shopping to name a few.

Some people, including some professional therapists, are confused about the difference between addiction and dependency.

Addiction Monitor. Crave it! Need it! Want it! Like it!

Like it, Want it, Need it, Crave it, Depend upon it.

The web site defines dependence as a need, which may or may not be related to addiction. A person may be dependent upon herbal sleeping pills to achieve sound sleep, yet they are not physically addicted to the herbs.

Michael Hardiman, defines addiction as: ‘A condition whereby an individual regularly takes a substance, or acts in a particular way, in response to a strong and sometimes overwhelming desire to do so; and that in the absence of so doing, he will experience negative feelings or actual illness. By taking the substance or carrying out the behavior, the addict causes harm to himself or to others.’

If a person abruptly stops using a chemical or drug: the body, and perhaps the unconscious mind may create withdrawals.

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