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Comming Soon
Coming Soon

The following Welcome Subliminal Affirmation and Ultimate MP3’s are in production and will be Coming Soon to our product line-up.

Welcome Life Beyond the Adonis Complex – Anorexia athletica

Welcome Life Beyond Regret

Welcome Creativity (In-Time Mode)

Welcome a Better Life with Aspergers Partner

Welcome Life Beyond Excessive TV

Welcome More Physical Activity

Welcome More Social Connectedness

Welcome Food as Fuel – Not Love

Welcome Life Beyond Nocturnal Eating

Welcome Life Beyond Sugar Addiction

Welcome Safe Sex

Welcome Life Beyond Compulsive Dieting

Welcome Better Prostrate Health

Welcome the ‘Big O’ – for women

Welcome Intuitive Thinking

Welcome Change

Welcome Easy and Successful Birth

Welcome Acceptance of Sexuality – for gay men

Welcome Acceptance of Sexuality – for lesbian

Welcome Acceptance of Transgender

Welcome Now (In-Time Mode)

Welcome Better Athletic Performance

Welcome Masculine Spirituality

Welcome Feminine Spirituality

Welcome a Sack Full of Spirit Sapphire’s, Emeralds and Rubies

Welcome a Strong Immune System

Welcome Life Beyond Feeling Inferior

Welcome Life Beyond Feeling So Sensitive

Welcome Life Beyond Social Media Dependency

Welcome Life Beyond Porn Dependancy

Welcome Life Beyond Fear of Wind

Welcome Mindfulness

Welcome Less Screen Time

Welcome Life Beyond Cocaine Addiction

Welcome Life Beyond Delayed Ejaculation (DE)

Welcome Life Beyond Compulsive Lying

Welcome Life Beyond Compulsive Shopping

Welcome Life Beyond Fear of Birds

Welcome Life Beyond Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)

Welcome Life Beyond Fear of Dogs

Welcome Life Beyond Excessive Sweating

Welcome Life Beyond Panic Attacks

Welcome Life Beyond Feeling Guilty

Welcome Life Beyond Feeling Shame

Welcome Life Beyond Despair

Welcome Life Beyond Feeling Lonely

Welcome Life Beyond Fear of Insects

Further Welcome subliminal affirmations are in planning. If you do not see what you want, tell us.

The following ULtimate titles are Coming Soon.

ULTIMATE – Self Esteem Building for Tobacco Smoking

ULTIMATE – ‘Power Happiness’ 

ULTIMATE – ‘Power Health’

ULTIMATE – Urge to Smoke Discussion for Tobacco Smoking

ULTIMATE – ‘Power Laugh’

ULTIMATE – ‘Power Yes’ Generic

ULTIMATE- ‘Power No’ Generic

ULTIMATE – ‘Power No’ Alcohol

ULTIMATE – ‘Power No’ Sugar

ULTIMATE – ‘Power No’ Gambling

ULTIMATE – ‘Power No’ Gaming

ULTIMATE – ‘Power No’ Caffeine

ULTIMATE – ‘Power No’ Self Sabotage

ULTIMATE – ‘Power No’ Marijuana

ULTIMATE – ‘Power N0′ Methamphetamine

ULTIMATE –  ‘Power No’ Tobacco

ULTIMATE – ‘Zap Away’ Technique – Tobacco

ULTIMATE – ‘Zap Away’ Technique – Alcohol

ULTIMATE – ‘Zap Away’ Technique – Caffeine

ULTIMATE – ‘Zap Away’ Technique – Sugar

ULTIMATE – ‘Zap Away’ Technique – Marijuana

ULTIMATE – ‘Zap Away’ Technique – Methamphetamine

ULTIMATE – ‘Zap Away’ Technique – Addiction and Dependency Generic

ULTIMATE – Self Esteem Building – Weight Control

ULTIMATE – Self Esteem Building – Anger, Aggression and Violence

ULTIMATE – Self Esteem Building – Alcohol

ULTIMATE – Self Esteem Building – Generic

ULTIMATE – Self Esteem Building – Unhappiness

ULTIMATE – Self Esteem Building – Depression

ULTIMATE – Self Esteem Building – Marijuana

ULTIMATE – Self Esteem Building – Methamphetamine

ULTIMATE – ‘Zap Toward’ – Generic

ULTIMATE – Aversion Anchor – Tobacco Smoking

Note: ULTIMATE MP3’s can only be accessed by Peter Zapfella’s therapy clients. Coming Soon. Coming Soon.


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