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Multi-Language MP3s. The Internet Hypnosis Shop has always been innovative. Always breaking new ground and going where other web sites fear to tread. Therefore Chinese – Mandarin, Spanish, Portuguese, Indonesian – Malay, Arabic and Indian – Hindi are being added to our wide range of English language MP3s. French and Japanese may be added later. Because of cost, complexity, and sheer size of the project, while it has already begun, the progressive introduction of multiple language variants will continue throughout 2021 and into 2022.

The following titles are in the studio now….

Welcome Life Free from Physical Pain

Welcome Life Free From Panic Attacks

Welcome Better Sleep

Welcome Freedom From Feeling Trapped and Stuck

Welcome Life Free From Phobias

Welcome Life Beyond Phobias

Welcome Life Free From Skin Whitening Dependency

Welcome Life Free From Tobacco Smoking

Welcome Life Free From Trauma

Welcome Life Free From Fear of Alcohol Dependency

Welcome Life Free From Nicotine Addiction

Welcome Change For The Better

Welcome Thinking Outside The Box

Welcome Self Confidence

Welcome Positive Thinking

Welcome More and More Motivation

Welcome Freedom From Self Sabotage

Welcome Life With Greater Self Confidence and Enthusiasm

Welcome Love

Welcome Luck

Welcome Freedom From Feeling Helpless

Welcome Life Free From Feeling Inferior

Welcome A Successful Child

So check back here as these and other Multi-Language MP3s are added.

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Multiple Languages Spoken at Internet Hypnosis Shop. 8 Reasons Why Not and 8 Reasons Why.

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