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Too often people eat not because they are physically hungry, but because they are bored or feeling negative emotions.

They are ‘emotional eaters’

Are you an ‘emotional eater’ too?

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You can ‘listen’ to the body better, and learn to recognize the difference between real hunger and hunger caused by negative emotional states. In this way you can Welcome Better Appetite Control.

The typical foods people seek to manipulate their emotions include, anything with refined sugars, carbohydrates and fat. These are often found in convenient  processed and junk foods.

The answer starts within recognition of your own emotional states. Then you can use alternative strategies, instead of eating. It is not rocket science. It is fairly simple and straight forward – when you know how.

“Conceive, then Perceive, then Believe and Achieve”

– Peter Zapfella.

Vitality and youthful energy
Now you can live your life with greater vitality and youthful energy, with ‘Welcome’ subliminal affirmations.
John struggling
Some people struggle through life, as if carrying heavy burdens, while emotionally and perhaps physically injured.

Subliminal Affirmation Text:

You now recognise that appetite was not based upon hunger. Signals of appetite were often mistaken habits of behaviour based upon misguided beliefs. You now listen to the body better. You recognise that boredom and negative emotions were not hunger.  You now understand that loneliness was not hunger. 

Food does not taste and smell the way it did.

You are now more clear in the mind, more relaxed in the body. You are more confident and coping better with everything and everybody because you welcome better appetite control.”

Subliminal Listening Guide, 'Welcome' subliminal affirmations,

‘Welcome’ Subliminal Affirmations;

The Welcome Better Appetite Control MP3 is a long-term maintenance resource used to ‘lock-in’ the new unconscious beliefs , following one-on-one therapy with Peter Zapfella, available world-wide via Skype.

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Of course, listening to the Welcome Better Appetite Control MP3 regularly may be enough for you to change for the better, without one-on-one therapy.

Now you can listen to the Welcome Better Appetite Control subliminals when ready to sleep and let these gentle and encouraging words guide your unconscious mind into the realms of dreams.

Sleep while listening to 'Welcome' subliminal affirmations.

The more the Welcome Better Appetite Control messages are repeated over and over, the more they are uncritically accepted by your unconscious. A message repeated enough, will become a new unconscious belief. If you listen to the Welcome Better Appetite Control MP3 on ‘repeat’ or ‘loop’ while sleeping your unconscious mind will hear this message up to 500 times. That’s powerful!

Welcome Better Appetite Control

Because we all have different listening preferences, Welcome Better Appetite Control MP3 is available with a choice of foreground variants for you to choose from.

The Welcome Better Appetite Control MP3 should be used in conjunction with Welcome No Stress and Anxiety and Welcome Life Beyond Depression.

Created and ©Copyright 2017-18 Peter Zapfella. All Rights Reserved.


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