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Do you find in competition you fail to perform to your training standard?

Do you swim faster in practice and slower at swim meets?

Do you feel physically sick at meets?

Does anxiety sabotage your best efforts?

Do other swimmers intimidate you?

Now you can do something about it, while you sleep.

Peter Zapfella 25th Anniversary 1995-2020
25th Anniversary 1995-2020

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Following all the training the one thing that separates swimmers is their mental preparation. Training is all about the physical but in the meets, it is all about mental. Welcome Better Swimming

Swimmers need to focus upon important factors such as pull (or reach), arm height, hydrodynamics, and most importantly breathing, but they really need to have that ‘mental edge’ too.

Breathing is critical, so it must be practiced so that breathing becomes part of the rhythm of the stroke. When swimmers become stressed or nervous the first thing to go wrong is the breathing. It becomes shallow and ineffective.

Anxiety is perhaps the greatest enemy of the competitive swimmer.

Studies have shown that significant performance improvements can be made simply by thinking of the word ‘air’ as you take a breath while maintaining optimum pace for the entire swim. Only think about the word ‘air’, and on every breath put the feelings of exertion in the back of the mind, without compromising your pace at all.

Focus upon the feeling and the sound of exhaling fully while underwater and then drawing air in when your mouth exits the water. Focus your mind upon the sequence of every breath. It may help to imagine a ‘back corner in the mind’ where the feelings of exertion are put away, and ignored.

Welcome Better Swimming
Welcome Better Swimming

Streamlining allows you to move through the water with the least drag and resistance. Focus upon your goals and streamline your life. Cut out everything that may get in your way, remove all drag and resistance.

You are taught to pull or reach, reach, reach. That’s fine, but you also need to stretch yourself and reach as far as you can for your goals, because if you don’t you are just treading water. Aim to always better your previous time.

This all means you should cut out anything that is not part of your success formula, anything that is holding you back and sucking in all the oxygen you can and reach, reach, reach.

Learn to relax the mind, with practice, so that you can experience a sense of calm in the middle of a storm. Learning to disassociate from the distractions of competition, and associate with the experience of swimming is the ultimate key to success. This subliminal affirmation MP3 can help you achieve that, and more. Source.


“I am still swimming” – Ian Thorp

Ian Thorpe - swimming
Ian Thorpe – better swimming

The synonyms for the word swim include; dive, bathe, crawl, dive, float, glide, back stroke, butterfly, paddle, submerge, wade, Australian crawl, freestylemeet, move, practice, race, skinny-dip, slip, stroke, breast-stroke, dog-paddle, go for a swim, go swimming, go wading, high-dive, take a dip

There is one simple thing you can do right now to create changes in your future. Download and start listening to the Welcome Better Swimming subliminal affirmation MP3.

Subliminal Affirmations Better Swimming

When ‘Welcome’ subliminal affirmations are used to ‘lock-in’ the deep unconscious shift achieved following one-on-one therapy with Peter Zapfella the results can be nothing less than miraculous.

Unconscious mind learnings

Change your self talk and change your deep unconscious beliefs. These then change your behaviors and emotions. These then change your self talk and so on.

Sleep while listening to 'Welcome' subliminal affirmations.

The more the Welcome Better Swimming messages are repeated over and over, the more they are uncritically accepted by the deep unconscious. If you listen to the Welcome Better Swimming MP3 while sleeping, on ‘repeat’ your unconscious mind will hear this message almost 400 times every night. If you were to listen to the ‘Environmental – Lake waves’ MP3 while sleeping, you could choose to also listen to the ‘Pleasant piano and guitar melody’ and/or the  ‘Zumba’ – Latin style dance music during the day. Then your deep unconscious would hear the affirmations repeated around 800 – 1200 times, while your logical conscious mind would hear it around 60 – 90 times. That’s powerful because a message repeated enough will become a new unconscious belief.

Also because we all have different listening preferences, Welcome Better Swimming has a choice of foreground variants for you to choose from. ‘Click here’ to hear samples.

Every one of us is unique. We have all had different life experiences and we react to them differently too.

Perhaps the cheapest and easiest option is to download and listen to Welcome Better Swimming subliminal affirmations as recommended. This approach is very effective for many people.

An alternative option is to consult with Peter using Skype to complete diagnostics and a one-on-one interview where he can recommend the most appropriate supplements, nutrition, MP3 resources etc etc for your individual challenge.

Otherwise, you can consider one-on-one psychotherapy tailored to you,  the individual, using Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), hypnotherapy and perhaps cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT)  ‘Click’ on the image to read details., Skype, Skype Therapy, Skype Therapy Pro,

If you had a bucket of mud (representing negative emotions and behaviors), but you wanted a bucket of clean freshwater (representing positive emotions and behaviors), you could put the bucket of mud under a tap and run fresh clean water (representing subliminal affirmations) into the bucket. You would still have a bucket of muddy water for a long time. That is why subliminal affirmations alone can take a lot of repetitions to achieve desired results. The effectiveness of any subliminal affirmation depends upon how often it is repeated and the intensity of the deep unconscious belief or presenting a challenge. Peter Zapfella uses his one-on-one therapies to ‘throw out’ or delete the mud (representing negative emotions and behaviors) and then you can choose to use the ‘Welcome’ subliminal affirmations to quickly and efficiently refill the bucket with fresh clean water (representing positive emotions and behaviors). No mud … 

The Welcome Better Swimming MP3 is a resource designed to ‘lock-in’ the unconscious shifts following one-on-one therapy with Peter Zapfella worldwide via Skype. For more information go to

Subliminal Affirmation Text: Better Swimming

“Throughout the day you constantly visualize yourself swimming with greater confidence, strength, and speed.

When swimming you step into your visualization and repeat it, over and over again. Air, air, air.

Hydrodynamics and breathing are part of your natural rhythm of the stroke. Focus upon the sequence of every breath. Air, air, air, as any feelings of exertion are completely ignored.

You are focused and motivated about swimming better than ever before.

You are now more clear in the mind …..… because the burdens have been lifted forever and ever now that you welcome better swimming.“

Click on the ‘101’ image below to read the excellent reasons why ‘Welcome’ subliminal affirmations are your best choice.

Excellent reasons why    EXCELLENT REASONS WHY




The Welcome Better Swimming subliminal affirmations are clearly spoken once before they fade-down and ‘disappear’ from conscious awareness within masking music and environmental sounds, thereby foiling ‘adult’ conscious analytical thinking, which could otherwise ‘filter out’ messages. In this way, the listener knows for sure what their deep unconscious mind is hearing without listening to these messages its self.


Please read the Subliminal Listening Guide before use

‘Click’ on the image to read details.

Guarentee and Privacy PolicySatisfaction Guaranteed. We are so delighted with the Welcome Better Swimming subliminal affirmations they come with the same industry-leading, lifetime money-back, guarantee as all ‘Welcome’ Subliminal Affirmations. ‘Click’ on the image to read details.


‘Click’ on the image to read details.

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Peter Zapfella 25th Anniversary 1995-2020
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