Welcome Your Dream Holiday


You know that place you want to visit.

You want to see the sights and feel the feelings for real.

Then there are the people, the food, the tastes and smells that only that experience can satisfy.

You feel your dream holiday as if it actually exists.

Step into every detail of your dream holiday using all your senses of imagination.

Energize it.

Make it your personal passion.

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You visualise your dream holiday as if real. You feel your dream holiday as if it actually exists. Step into every detail of your dream holiday using all your senses of imagination. Energize it. Make it your personal passion.

Pangalao Island, Bohol. The Philippines

“Conceive it, then Perceive it as if real, then your unconscious mind will Believe it, so it that you can Achieve it”

– Peter Zapfella.

When you close your eye’s and imagine pictures, sounds, smells and feelings as if real, repeatedly, your unconscious will believe it to be real. Just like a dream is real when we are within it.

When your unconscious believes it to be real it will take every opportunity to manifest it into reality.

Vitality and youthful energy
Now you can live your life with greater vitality and youthful energy, with ‘Welcome’ subliminal affirmations.
John struggling
Some people struggle through life, as if carrying heavy burdens, while emotionally and perhaps physically injured.
A cross country ski trail through the trees

Subliminal Affirmation Text:

You use your senses to visualise, touch and smell your dream holiday. You hear other people talking about their holiday’s you say, ‘that’s my dream holiday’.  You search online travel sites and get clear in your own mind about where you want to go, and what you want to do. You find everything that there is to know about your destination. It’s intriguing history and the amazing top tourist spots. The hidden tourist gems. The sounds of the people and their happy faces. The ambiance of it’s culture. The sights, smells and tastes of the food. The sounds of their incredible music. You pin-up photos of your dream holiday where you can see them everyday.  Choose a date and make a booking.  Then save, save and save some more. Conceive it, perceive it, believe it and achieve it. You are now more clear in your mind, more relaxed in your body. You accept everything and everybody because you are more confident. You have greater self-control. The way you feel is becoming better and better because the burdens have been lifted forever and ever now that you welcome your dream holiday.”

Subliminal Listening Guide, 'Welcome' subliminal affirmations,

Hobart, Tasmania

‘Welcome’ Subliminal Affirmations;

The Welcome Your Dream Holiday MP3 is a long-term maintenance resource used to ‘lock-in’ the new unconscious beliefs, following one-on-one therapy with Peter Zapfella, available worldwide via Skype.

Skype therapy


Of course, listening to the Welcome Your Dream Holiday MP3 regularly may be enough for you to change for the better, without one-on-one therapy.

On The Beach, Anywhere.

Now you can listen to the Welcome Your Dream Holiday subliminals when ready to sleep and let these gentle and encouraging words guide your unconscious mind into the realms of dreams.

Sleep while listening to 'Welcome' subliminal affirmations.

The more the Welcome Your Dream Holiday messages are repeated over and over, the more they are uncritically accepted by your unconscious. A message repeated enough, will become a new unconscious belief. If you listen to the Welcome Your Dream Holiday MP3 on ‘repeat’ or ‘loop’ while sleeping your unconscious mind will hear this message up to 500 times. That’s powerful!

Welcome Your Dream Holiday

Because we all have different listening preferences, Welcome Your Dream Holiday MP3 is available with a choice of foreground variants for you to choose from.

Luna Park, Sydney

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