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Quit Gambling Addiction in Darwin, Bali, Singapore, Cebu & Manila (Philippines) and Mandurah (Perth) and soon in Jakarta, & world-wide via SKYPE

Most people can choose if they will gamble, and how much they intend to risk when they gamble. Most people can also keep to the pre-set limits they have set for themselves.

When we think of problem gamblers we typically think of casinos, and horse racing. However the problem gambler may take a bet on almost anything, from almost any animal race or fight, to real estate, and stock market speculation.

Problem gamblers respond to triggers that cause them to start gambling, and once they start, they continue, often until they have nothing left. Many cannot control their impulses


Problem gambling causes physical and psychological harm. Problem gambling does NOT stop depression and anxiety, it never did, in fact it is a cause of depression and anxiety.

Problem gambling may also cause work and relationship problems. It may lead to lies, embezzlement and kleptomania. Problem gambling is a problem for other people associated with the addict.

Are you ready to change? You need never suffer from the debilitating effects of problem gambling again, there is a better way.

5 Gold Star Hypnotherapy with Peter Zapfella

Peter Zapfella has created a range of specific therapies, using Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Emotional Alignment Therapy and advanced Hypnotherapy methods in Darwin, Bali, Singapore, Cebu (Philippines) and Mandurah (Perth) and soon in Jakarta to overcome the root cause of problem gambling in just one session. He brings with him around 20 years passionate experience, and thousands of past successful and happy clients.



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