Radio & Podcast

The ‘Talking Hypnosis” Radio Show and Podcast, hosted by Peter Zapfella, will be heard regularly on 1Life.Radio, a new health Internet Radio station. As they go to air from March, podcasts of the show will be available for listening here FREE.

podcast "Talking Hypnosis"
Podcast “Talking Hypnosis”
Talking Hypnosis radio and podcast
Talking Hypnosis radio and podcast

Episodes will include the following topics;

What is hypnosis?

History of hypnosis.

Pioneers of hypnosis.


Past life discovery through hypnosis.

Brain waves and their relevance.

Hypnotic trance.

Post hypnotic suggestions.

CIA and hypnosis.

Subliminal affirmations

Addictions and hypnosis

Phobias and hypnosis


Children and hypnosis

Regression and progression through life

Sports hypnosis

Dangers of hypnosis

Contra indications of hypnosis

False memory syndrome

Cults and brainwashing

Mind control

Stage hypnosis then and now

and much much more …