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  • “Dont settle for average. The best predictor of their future performance is their past performance.” Eben Pagan. (He has built a multi-million-dollar company teaching people how to improve their business and personal lives.)
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  • Nearly 9 years ago you helped me give up smoking. I have never smoked one again after walking out of that room in Karratha.” – Kelli. T. WA
  • “I love u Mr Zapfella. I love wat uve helped do for me, forever thankful, U r simply the greatest, thankuuuu so much. 🙂” Jacqui C. Thornlie. WA
  •  Jacqui Campbell
  • You treated my wife, and my good friend’s wife with great success. I have a house….a villa actually, in Sanur, Bali. I’m told a house with a pool is called a villa here. I am hoping we can get a session in, here in Bali to make me give up the smokes. Regards Steve W. Bali.Hi Peter, I have seen you for smoking and drug use and been successful on both times much thanks to you!! I was curious if you do one for exercise as I need to exercise but lack motivation. I go well for two weeks then fall in a heap. – Regards Aimee. Perth WA
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  • “The Skype session with me for my claustrophobia and panic attacks really worked. On Wednesday I was kept latched to the operating table for well over an hour in total and didn’t panic once.” – Alyson Willis. United Kingdom.
  • “I just wanted to thank you so much for your time the other day.
    I feel fantastic and I’m sure next time we speak there will be far less of me. Hope you are well and talk again soon.” Chrissy. Mandurah, Western Australia.
  • “Hi Peter, Just wanted to say a big thank!!!! I have just come back from having a blood test, my first one ever and its all thanks to you and your hypnotherapy. After leaving last session I suddenly felt relaxed and mature about the situation and just booked it in. There were tears and some hyperventilation ha ha but still made it through and I believe its only going to get easier now.” Thanks again. Madgaline Waddington – Darwin.
  • Hello Peter, Thought I would drop you a line to let you know how we are going. I have definitely had a very big shift in some areas. No longer have any shutting down in the sexual area (it is like a miracle, which I never believed would happen. Thank you so very much. My confidence and self esteem has risen a lot and it is so strange to feel this way like a new person. I have had no anxiety or depression since our appointment I never would have had the strength to make this move without you Peter, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I fully expect to have a wonderful, relaxed life in our new home, with our friends and family close by. I have passed on your details to several people, including our Doctor He is most interested, as he has a lot of depression patients. Hope you can help many more people in Darwin. All the best and thanks from both of us. C.B. Darwin NT.
  • 43kg⬇ “I made my goal weight!!! woohooo finally 32.7kg gone in a year….plus the 10.3kg I lost the year before brings my total loss to 43kg!!! I can’t believe I went from a whopping 108kg down to 65kg…I did it!!!! I am so incredibly happy and healthy now. I’ve gone from a size 20+ to a comfortable size 8-10. I’m so darn proud of myself and the woman I have become.  ????Peter I couldn’t have done it without your help! You’ve helped me to set my mind into gear to accomplish what I have wanted for so long but was unable to do due to self limiting thoughts…so a massive Thankyou to you.” Sarah Celentano. Mandurah. WA

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  • “I am also forever grateful to Peter for showing me how to stop smoking. Been two years now and I have saved thousands since, done heaps of work on my house, been travelling and most of all I am now a healthy woman. I used cough constantly, no more!” – Colleen Courtney. Karinyup. WA.
  • Colleen Courtney
  • ‘It is amazing how good I feel. Now I can stand next to smokers and it does not bother me at all. Everybody is surprised.’ Doug Neville. Darwin NT.
  • ‘Both my mother and step mother smoked, and they both died from cancer. I feel so amazing now that I quit with Peter Zapfella.’ Tarsh Tarrant. Darwin. NT
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  • Interested in some hypnosis? Peter Zapfella is one of the most successful hypnotists in Australia George Akary. Master Hypnotherapist. Woolongong. New South Wales.
  • I have known Peter Zapfella since 2003. He is extremely passionate to his work as a therapist and always exudes a genuine compassion for his clients. I am aware his hypnotherapy/NLP practice is highly regarded, as many of his clients refer their friends and family to him. Dr. Richard Lee. Glen Forrest. WA
  • It has been quite a number of years since I used Peters services to help me stop smoking. I literally went from a twenty year, two pack a day smoker to completely stopping after just one?session. Obviously, I found Peter to be very effective and I would highly recommend his very professional services. Randy Van Poecke. Manager at Barbecue Bazaar.
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  • Thank you Peter, very much for your kind and generous help. God knows your so very helpful to other people, and especially our family. Jenita Cabillas. Mandaue, Cebu. Philippines.
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  • We are all doing really well after your session with our team. 8 out of 9 employees that came to see you (in Port Hedland) a month ago are still not smoking, we are all very happy. Tim Hipworth. BIS Industrial Logistics. Perth. WA.
  • Im currently working on a brand new TV series for Discovery International and were carrying out a worldwide search, for people who may be interested in participating in this new show with world- famous adventurer, Bear Grylls. I would love to chat to you about it. Warm wishes, Nicola. London, England
  • bear-grylls
  • Our whole family is blown away by the treatment you gave Alan. He stated at the outset that he was going to have a couple of drinks on Christmas Day (also his brothers birthday) and on New years Eve. He did this, keeping to just a couple, and has not had a drink at any other time. He says that even when he had those drinks, he didnt particularly enjoy them, and didnt feel like continuing to drink. He has occasions when he feels like having a beer, but when he goes to the fridge he changes his mind. The difference in Alan is amazing. He is happier, more confident and he has goals of losing weight, getting fit, saving money and is a joy to have around. We have been so worried over the past few years about Alans drinking problem, which was completely out of control. Apart from the very dangerous things he was doing, I kept getting embarrassing feedback from people that he became loud and obnoxious after a few drinks. We are so grateful yo you. It was the best money we have ever spent! We (including Alan) have told many people about what you do. Hopefully you will get some more clients from our referrals.. .many, many thanks. Heather. Mount Lawley. WA. (Names changed for privacy)
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  • Thank you so much Peter. It is six weeks tomnorrow I have been off chocolate and sweets. I have never felt like this in my life. I will always appreciate your help. Kind Regards, Sylvia X Chocoholic. Perth WA.
  • “Three months ago Peter helped me stop drinking alcohol. I have not had a drop since. Since then I have moved to Talisay. Got puppy Rottweiler……….WOOFY. Starting Relationship. (lasting i hope) Beginning to feel like the old me again.” Martin De Thier. Talisay, Cebu. Philippines.
  • Martin De Their
  • A year ago I came to see you to quit smoking. At first I was skeptical, because it was all too easy. But following therapy I felt weird different somehow. It was almost a spiritual feeling. Day by day I discovered I did not smoke it was easy. I stopped thinking about smoking and I felt great. Peter you are magic.Danni Hawks. Darwin. NT
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  • I used Peter Zapfella 4 years 4 months and 12 days ago and I havent had a smoke since. Only 5 years 8 months 18 days to go until I have the same risk of lung cancer as a person who has never smoked before. All-New 16 July 2012
  • I have heard of many people who have had one session and never smoked (or even wanted to) again. Just make sure that you use someone with a good reputation. Peter Zapfella is a bloke in Perth. His details are on the web @ Hope this is helpful. xxx Kawasakigirlzx9R
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  • I came to you 4 years ago for quit smoking. I am happy to say I still do not smoke. Jenniffer S. Oldbury. WA
  • I want to drop in to see you over the Christmas break to say thank you for helping me to quit smoking. I owe you a beer. Glen Solly. Perangery Pastoral Company
  • “Many times Dr Tad James and Dr Adriana James mention your name during NLP and hypnosis trainings as a success story.” Dr Bogdan Bobocea D.C.H.  CEO Tad James Company, Australia.
  • “Interested in some hypnosis? Peter Zapfella is one of the most successful hypnotist’s in Australia…” George Akary. Master Hypnotherapist. Woolongong. New South Wales.
  • After 7 years with success of weight loss using a lap band, I had major complications, and the lap band was removed. Now I am very fearful of regaining the weight. My husband had great success with smoking after consulting with you around 8 years ago. We live in Queensland, is Skype an option? Fiona T.
  • I saw you in Newman a few years ago for weight loss. Over the next 3 months I lost 27 KGs. It just fell off me without a thought in it.Megan L. Newman, WA
  • I came to see you October 2009 for weight loss (after my brother in law told me he came to you about (successfully) quitting smoking), it was an awesome session. I was on a high when I left and I felt fantastic!! And now that I have lost a lot of that weight I wanted to loose, I feel great!!! I lost about 17kgs within the first 3 months. I recommended a friend to you just last week about helping him to quit smoking, and he came away feeling sooooo positive!! It was just brilliant to see!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!! Dani, Ascot, WA
  • “10 days since bubba has been born…start weight was 67kg…I weighed in this morning and I’m 69.6!!  2.6kg to lose and I’m back to my pre pregnancy weight 🙌🏼 
    Missing my big belly and those gorgeous kicks 😫 Sarah Celentano. Mandurah. WA
  • Gday Peter, You have out done yourself once again. I quit smoking with you years ago. Now I have not had a bad dream since we Skyped last Sunday. Thank you very much. Darren W. Broome. Western Australia.
  • Im now nearly 6 months smoke free. Yippee! Rochelle S Katherine Northern Territory.unstuck-motivation-hypnosis-darwin-perth-singapore
  • Just a quick email to say thanks Im back on track. Not one smoke. Thanks again. Amanda P. Darwin. Northern Territory
  • I located Peter Zapfella through a recommendation by my GPI found with Peter that he has the ability to make a patient feel comfortable and is very approachable and personable. He handled my every need as a patient and desire to learn and understand the way in which the mind works with extreme professionalism. I cannot speak highly enough of his sincerity and genuine interest in helping his patients. Not to mention his knowledge on the subject. Since my first meet with Peter in 2003 I have directed many patients to him, including family members with outstanding results. Ashley Satie. Port Kennedy. WA.
  • I came to you in January 2009 and successfully gave up smoking after 30yrs, not touched them since, fantastic. Lynette ODonnell Perth, WA
  • Things have started to improve since I quit smoking 🙂 I am eating better food. My health is good and I have now lost 7 kgs in the past 3 months. I am getting stuck into loads of cleaning. Yays for me since getting all the s@#t out of me life. Liam C. Mandurah. Western Australia.
  • I saw you a few years ago, had a big problem with biting my nails & can report that all these years later Ive not bit them once since the session we had. Hope you are well.David Burgwyn. Perth WA
  • Funny thing happened (following therapy yesterday), last night was the first time in about 5 years that I slept through 7 hours and was woken by my alarm (I dont know what you do, but you do it well ! Thanks, David Bergl, Perth WA.
  • Hi Peter I came to see you last December to work on my OCD driven intrusive & obsessive slug thought that was producing excessive anxiety and affecting my life. This seems to no longer be a problem anymore. I would like to see you again at the earliest opportunity to work on the symptoms of my BDD condition ( Body Dysmorphic Disorder). I will discuss in depth with you when we meet. Looking forward to your response. Warm Regards DM. Perth WA (ID withheld)
  • I just thought I should drop you a line to let you know that I still have not had a smoke since the day I was over there in WA with you in June 2004, and I dont feel like one. More smokers should do what I did and give it away. Thanks for helping me. Bruce Squelch. Bartercard. Toowoomba. QLD.
  • As a smoker I needed a cigarette for breakfast, and without one I would get angry. Following therapy with Peter nothing bothers me anymore, and I dont know why I smoked. It was crazy. Simon Miller. Rio Tino. Cape Lambert WA.
  • I saw you last week with regards to smoking and weight loss. I am pleased to report that I have not had one cigarette, despite all the Christmas cheer and being around full time smokers almost daily, and I have done this without suffering any cravings thanks. D.F. Perth WA (ID withheld)
  • Hello Peter, I came to you for smoking it is so far working wonderfully!! I just wanted to know if you have a solution for a women s lack of sex drive at all.D.J.S. Perth WA (ID withheld)
  • ypnotherapy-for-anxiety-darwin-perth-singapore
  • Five years ago you completely changed my life when I met you at the Conscious Living Expo and had follow-up sessions with you. Because of the amazing things I learned that day I have gone on to study NLP and hypnosis. I want to assist others to discover their self empowerment too. Kindest regards. Dee Lyon. Perth. WA
  • Geoff and I came to see you for a zapping. I will admit I was a bit skeptical after the session, but I thought I would let you know, we havent had a puff since we came to see you. Thank you! Any one that can make my husband Geoff quit smoking, must be really good, and guess what, you did it. Amazing! I will be recommending you to all the smokers I know. Kind regards. Karen Turner. Kalgoorlie. WA
  • Hi peter I saw you in Darwin to help me give up my obsession with chocolate and happy to say I havent eaten chocolate since and have lost weight, thank you I am in contact to ask if you travel to Canberra as I have mentioned you to a friend who wants to give up smoking, cheers Linda B, Darwin NT
  • Peter its 7 months for me (thankyou) wish I saw you a few years earlier a good friend of my is trying but cant get there please help her on your next visit in Karratha. David. Karratha WA (ID withheld)
  • I became a regular smoker at age 5. After 26 years of smoking I can now begin to live life. Thank you very much Peter, this has actually worked and now I can experience life without cigarettes. Jeff Bernsten. Newman. WA
  • Hi Peter I visited you in April this year, pleased to tell you I am a non smoker. My husband visited you a few weeks later and he too has broken the habit so now to the rest of the family! Regards Lana Calkins Perth WA
  • “Peter, I totally believe in you and your services. It was the best investment I’ve made and I will do the same for my daughter, as issues lead to other things. We are actually saving way more by having therapy with you. Please let me know the dates you will be in Bali next. Best regards, Terri Sudiata – Jaydess Clothing & Kakadi Designs. Bali.”
  • Terri Sudiarta
  • Immediatley following my quit smoking session with Peter I could be around my smoking friends while we were drinking, and I felt no interest in smoking what-so-ever. It was awesome.Jesper S. Perth WA
  • Hello Peter Zapfella, I came to see you on the 29th December to stop smoking. So far so good. I havent touched a cigarette. Thanks Tom Markovich Perth WA
  • One of my good friends has recently come to see you and has had great success with quitting smoking. I am also keen to come along. Matt. Perth WA (ID withheld)
  • Peter, I am so pleased with the results with not smoking and also the result of reducing stress/anxiety and increasing happiness that I am often recommending people to come to see you. For smoking, for weight loss, depression, anything at all that I think you can help with. Melissa Le- Cocq, Perth WA.
  • My brother in law came to see you some time ago to quit smoking and has done very well. I asked him who he went to see and he told me it was you. Can you help me.Regards Dani. Perth. WA (ID withheld)
  • I have never had another smoke since seeing you 4 years ago and never will. You amazing Pete, thanks. Shaun McCrae.
  • Peter thanks for your undying support. We’re so great and thankful to have you.Erwin Roy Cabillas RN. Cebu. Philippines.
  •  erwin-roy-cabillas
  • “The negative ideas of your mind have to be released, not repressed by positive ideas. You have to create a consciousness which is neither positive nor negative. That will be the pure consciousness. In that pure consciousness you will live the most natural and blissful life…” Osho. Philosopher and Spiritual  Guru.
  • Medications and the lazy-man’s hypnotherapy (as practiced by most hypnotherapists and downloads on the Internet) are just hypnotic trace inductions followed by positive suggestions. They only repress negativity and emotional pain – they do not extinguish it,as Peter Zapfella’s advanced hypnosis and NLP methods do.
  • “10 days today smoke free! Very happy that I have had no withdrawals and I’m feeling great! Every now and then it feels as if something is missing…it’s very weird, I never thought I could do it! Thanks to Peter Zapfella I am no longer a smoker!Sarah Celentano.11 March 2013.Mandurah, WA, Australia.
  • Sarah Celentano.Nikita Mary this is Peter Zapfella’s Quit Tobacco Smoking, send him a message if you would like some more information xx.Like.Reply.7 mins
  • Nikita Mary.Thanks hun xx. Like.Reply.1 min
  • Sarah Celentano.You’re welcome babe xx best decision I ever made.That was 3 years ago.Like. Reply.Just now.(Saturday 12 March 2016)
  • Sarah Celentano

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