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Deep unconscious emotions drive our self-talk, which in turn becomes our unconscious beliefs, which then drive habits of behavior… and so it goes around and around, like a dog chasing its tail.

Unconscious Mind Learnings, min
Unconscious Mind Learnings

We can break the cycle of negativity with the appropriate therapy ‘click here’. Then ‘lock-in’ the new positive emotions, beliefs and behaviors with the appropriate ‘Welcome’ subliminal messages, listed below.

Each subliminal affirmation script is printed on the relevant product page, so you can see exactly what you are getting.

Unique to Internet Hypnosis. Shop, you will hear your ‘Welcome’ subliminal affirmation spoken once before it ‘disappears’ below your preferred foreground sounds.

Research has confirmed hypnotic language laws; suggestions and affirmations are only effective if they are stated in the present tense. Such as; “You are now more confident. You believe in yourself because you are naturally more self-assured.“

“You will be more confident. You will believe in yourself because you will be naturally more self-assured.” “You will…” has not happened, and as you continue to listen to those MP3’s it will never happen. If you come across hypnosis MP3 download and subliminal affirmation MP3 download web sites that make this basic error you know they are selling an ineffective product. 

Most hypnosis and subliminal MP3 download sites have been incorrectly written and recorded in the first person. They say … “I will be more confident. I will believe in myself because I will be naturally more self-assured.“ When your own unconscious hears someone else’s voice, perhaps of the opposite sex saying, ‘I’, ‘my’ and ‘me’– they are obviously talking about themselves – not you! They are meaningless to your unconscious mind. 

‘Welcome’ subliminal messages are simply ‘hidden’ from the conscious analytical mind within masking foreground music and environmental sounds to prevent conscious logical thinking about the message content.

The sound level of the affirmation messages is low, but not silent. According to the researchers, the unconscious mind must be able to hear the messages when the foreground masking sounds are removed. Some subliminal affirmation websites claim they have ‘silent’ voice tracks. How do you know if there is a voice track at all? How do you know what is being said? Do you think your unconscious mind can hear and respond to something it cannot hear? Researchers confirm “high-speed speech”, “multi-layered audio”, “reversed speech”, “mumbling speech” and “echo speech” subliminal tracks that cannot be deciphered consciously, cannot be deciphered unconsciously either. These products are ‘gobbledygook’. In this way, the deeper unconscious can respond to these positive messages, which may be repeated up to 500 times during one night’s sleep.

Because we all have different listening preferences, we offer you a choice of either gentle ‘lake waves’, pleasant ‘guitar and piano’ and ‘Zumba’ Latin dance foreground music, to mask the spoken subliminal affirmations. A range of new environmental and music choices will become available during 2021.

You can listen to a sample of the foreground sounds ‘click here’.

You can also select from binaural waves, including anti-anxiety, theta (promoting sleep), beta (promoting activity) and seXXX (promoting increased sexual feelings) MP3’s. You can download whichever match your style and mood. Samples: ‘click here’

It is so easy to select, download, and use Peter Zapfella’s ‘Welcome’ Subliminal Affirmations.

  1. Review product information and select your preferred. ‘Welcome’ subliminal affirmation MP3’s. On most products that is just under the ‘Download’ image and arrow pointing down.
  2. Click on ‘Add to Cart’. The black button.
  3. Click on ‘View Cart’ at top right of the screen.
  4. Review your order/s. Delete and add products as required.
  5. Apply coupon (if any).
  6. Click on ‘Proceed to Checkout’.
  7. Add your Billing details. First name (required), Last name (required), company name (if any), select country, street address (house number, street name, apartment, suite, unit etc), town/city, state, province, or county, postcode, ZIP, phone, email address (required).
  8. Review your order.
  9. Select the preferred payment method. You can use your credit/debit card.
  10. Click ‘Continue to payment’. You will then be directed to the external website of the financial institution.
  11. You will then receive an email with simple download instructions.
  12. You can download to more than one device, such as a desktop OR laptop AND cell-mobile phone AND/OR tablet.
  13. Or, download to your desktop OR laptop and then share the MP3 file to your cell-mobile phone AND/OR tablet.
  14. We can help you to complete the check-out process manually. Just click on the FB Messanger button (the green circle on the bottom right corner of your screen) and send us your name, email address and your selection (Product names and preferred variants).
  15. You could be listening within a few minutes from now.
Foreground Variants. Bundles Discount-Convert.Image

All ‘Welcome’ subliminal affirmation variants for each product are being bundled together and discounted by 25- 50%. So you can listen to different foreground masking sounds of the same affirmations depending upon your mood. They may promote sleep and relaxation or activity, including driving, gym and running.

Surge Effect
  • Subliminal Affirmation Surge Effect TM subliminal affirmations are © copyright 2020 owned and were developed by Peter Zapfella exclusively for Internet Hypnosis. Shop. Surge Effect TM is a Trade Mark and Premium Product.  
  • This is how it works. While the main affirmation audio channel of positive messages is spoken by Peter Zapfella, the second stereo channel is usually voiced by;
  • Children’s category products are voiced by a child and a woman.
  • Using a randomized, nonblinded, repeated measures design study, 176 sleeping (stage 4 slow-wave sleep) children aged 5 to 12 years old were exposed to the voice of a female stranger. 83.0 percent responded while just 78.4 percent responded to the voice of their own mother. In another study, 84.6 percent responded to the stranger male voice, while 87.2 percent responded to the stranger female voice. Therefore all Internet Hypnosis. Shop ‘Welcome’ premium MP3’s for children feature the voice of Heather, our female voice-over artist, and Will our child voice-over artist, but not Peter Zapfella.
  • The Men’s category products feature a mature man and/or a middle-aged man, or where relevant together with a woman
  • Most product categories, including the Women’s category, are stated by a woman in the second stereo channel,
  • Both Surge Effect TM channels are dichotic. They effervesce, swirl and surge, like a wave. Both voiced stereo channels could be heard by the listener’s conscious mind if the foreground sounds were absent. However, presented dichotically they fascinate the deep unconscious mind and cause it to focus on the semantics, the meaning and emotion, thereby cause dynamic deep unconscious change.
  • For best effect listen to Surge Effect © through stereo earbuds or headphones. No audible first read.  WARNING: Do not listen if driving, using machinery, or if epileptic.
  • If you choose to sleep do not listen through earbuds – which could cause injury. Ideally, use a pillow speaker or sleep headphones or SleepPhones with Bluetooth.
  • Surge Effect TM is only available in Environmental ‘Mountain stream’ with Surge Effect TM, ‘Inspiration Taking Flight’ with Surge Effect TM, ‘Beautiful Latin and Pan Flute’ melodies with Surge Effect TM and Alpha binaural waves (Relaxation) with Surge Effect TM available separately and within discounted Bundles at www.InternetHypnosis.Shop. Rollout from mid-2021.
  • Synonyms of surge; effervesce, swirl, wave, whoosh, fizz, sparkle, froth, churning, foam,  deluge, flood, flow, rise, swell, upsurge, billow, efflux, gush, intensification, roll, surf, boil, churn, roil, twirl, whirl, curl, eddy, purl, roll, swoosh, whirlpool.
  • Surge Effect TM logo is owned by Peter Zapfella.
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