Skype & Fee’s

Skype and Fee’s     


If you are looking for a therapist who achieves successful, long term results for his clients; who gives value for money and time invested – you are in the right place.

Peter Zapfella is one of the first therapists to use VOIP, including Skype to treat clients over the Internet.

He has had successful clients via Skype from the Australian out-back, North America, Europe and Asia. “When we have a good Internet connection I really is like us being in the same room together,” he said.

“Most definitely. I was terrified of having a radiotherapy mask made, he Skyped me from Bali the day before it was due. It works over Skype because Peter asked me to shut my eyes and listen. The next day I was calm throughout the process which is quite long. Extremely good, can’t recommend highly enough.” Madge Canna United Kingdom.

Online Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) appointments with Peter Zapfella are available 24/7 world-wide. You can use your existing smart phone, tablet or computer and a FREE Skype program.

Download the program at: Open an account, then add Peter Zapfella as a contact.

Skype computer calls are FREE world-wide.

The Internet speeds required for best Skype performance.
If you are signed into Skype but not making any calls, it will use between 0-4 Kbps or 0-4,000 bits per second.When you make an audio only call, it will use only between 24-128Kbps. Audio only calls should be possible with all but the most unreliable Internet connections.Video calling 128kbps-300Kbps.High-quality video calling 400kbps-500Kbps.HD quality video calling 1.2Mbps-1.5Mbps. One megabit is equal to one million bits or 1,000 kilobits.If you think you may have a slow Internet connection, you can test your Internet speed for FREE at

Video calls use more bandwidth than audio (see above), so if you are having issues with the quality of your video calls, either:

  • Close other applications that use the Internet, especially those playing music or video. Cancel any file transfers in progress. Use a smaller band-width video connection (preferred), or audio only.
  • Open a FREE account, then add Peter Zapfella as a contact. Send an email message to let Peter Zapfella know. Add your phone number, so Peter can discuss your enquiry with you.


Peter Zapfellas fees are quoted as one simple all inclusive fee. No ‘hidden extras and ‘add on’s’, such as extra for CD’s and other resources, or variable hourly rates for different presenting challenges. No variable rates for weekdays and weekends – it is all the same – 7 days a week. Just one simple and honest hourly rate.

Peter usually schedules clients into just one efficient session, thereby overcoming the inconvenience of multiple sessions (favoured by counsellors, psychologists and hypnotherapists) – which waste a lot of time (travelling to and fro) and money (parking fees, fuel etc), particularly for those travelling longer distances. Fees start from commencement of scheduled appointment time. If a client decides to extend their session beyond the booked period the fee will be pro-rated accordingly, unless otherwise agreed at the time.

Peter Zapfella usually provides most of his clients with a CD ROM of resources at appointments. For example, the quit smoking CD-ROM includes a 500 page book and several MP3s valued at more than $100. This is provided at no additional fee to clients. Skype clients can download these resources from Peter’s Drop Box within minutes.

Most therapies come with a FREE FOLLOW-UP offer – if you were to relapse. Peter Zapfella offers you the BEST OVER-ALL VALUE therapy available.

A deposit is required to confirm your booking. Peter will then send an email with preparation material to complete before your appointment. This will save time during your session, which also saves you money. It will include details of venue location and duration of appointment and payment options etc. The balance of the fee is only dependant upon your location and the duration of your appointment.

Skype & Fee’s

Skype therapy fees are at minimal rates wherever you may be in the world.

Fee’s can usually be paid online via PayPal*, Credit Card (Visa or MasterCard*), Bank to Bank Transfer, Cash. These payment options may not be available at your location, so if you intend to pay with any method other than cash, please check first.

paypal_visa_mastercardBank TransferCash accepted


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Please indicate your location and the nature of the personal challenge/s you wish to change. Your phone number will enable Peter to discuss your particular issues with you and give an appropriate fee estimate.

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* = Instituation fees of around 3 per cent apply to paypal_visa_mastercard transactions. By prior arrangement only. Cash acceptedand bank Bank Transferare fee free.