Hypnotherapist - Peter Zapfella

Peter Zapfella can usually deal with all these treatments and more in just one session using Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Emotional Alignment Therapy and Advanced Hypnotherapy in Darwin, Bali, Singapore, Cebu & Manila (Philippines) and Mandurah (Perth) and soon in Jakarta and world-wide via SKYPE.

  • Embarrassment and Humiliation
  • Low Self Esteem and Lack of Confidence
  • Shyness and Blushing
  • Feeling Stuck – Lack of Motivation
  • Poor Sleep – Insomnia
  • Childhood Trauma – Abuse (physical, emotional and sexual etc)
  • Self Limiting Beliefs (Self Sabotage etc)
  • Sexual problems (Performance and confidence issues psychological erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, pornography, guilt, shame, gay & bisexual issues etc)
  • Chronic Fatigue symptoms (may require other sessions)
  • IBS symptoms
  • and more.

5 Gold Star Hypnotherapy with Peter Zapfella

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