Do you want to be an entertainer or shine in business?

Do you want to be an entertainer or shine in business?

Be fascinating, be titillating

When it comes to making friends and creating relationships – it really helps if you are a little different from the crowd. Exactly the same thing applies if you want to make it as an entertainer, or in business.

Even if you are a naturally a shy person, you can still become an interesting person. Just as an actor takes on a part, then rehearses it, practices it well before the first performance – you too can practice the feelings of confidence, attractive personality, and intrigue. Peter Zapfella has simple techniques you can use to perfect these personal qualities before launching them upon your audience.

Once practiced and perfected you can first perform your new quality upon a close friend before diving in to wider social gatherings. Practice, practice, practice until it becomes natural. The method is really ‘faking it’, or acting until making it part of your rapporteur of behaviors.

You can pick your own moments to shine, and those moments when it is better to step into the background. The Kenny Rogers song ‘The Gambler’ say’s

If you’re gonna play the game, boy

You gotta learn to play it right

You’ve got to know when to hold ’em

Know when to fold ’em”


To be interesting, you don’t have to be the class clown or act like a loud person. All you really need to do is look and feel positive. Feel good about yourself, and other’s will naturally feel good about you too.

Smile naturally. Laugh naturally. Other people are always attracted to those who smile and laugh. Be fascinating, be titillating. Use what you have got, naturally, and build on it – make it shine.

But never be fake, plastic – people can see right through it.

Peter Zapfella has been performing is own Comedy Hypnosis Show across Australia and abroad, since 1999. Again Peter Zapfella has performance coaching to assist you shine, be it on stage or in business. See