666 Weight Loss

A very simple way to start your weight loss program is called 666 Weight Loss. This strategy is used by women who successfully control their weight long-term. It is a simple ‘rule’ they live-by. You can do it too. All it takes is a little self-discipline to get started. if you do not have enough self-discipline the 666 is a good way to learn it. Before you know it 666 Weight Loss will be habitual. 

Between 6.00PM and 6.00AM you do not drink alcohol or eat anything, 6 days a week. That’s it!

You can drink tea and coffee. But NO alcohol or soda drinks.

The idea is you eat your evening meal early, long before you go to bed. This gives your digestive system the opportunity to do it’s job before you settle down for the night.

It also makes ‘nocturnal eating’ illegal. Many people have told me they battle with late evening munches, which are the cause of their weight loss challenges.

One day a week, maybe Friday OR Saturday night (but not both) you can eat and drink later into the night.

If someone in your household is a ‘secret’ nocturnal eater, I suggest you balance a spoon on the top of the refrigerator door at 6.00PM. If the door is opened the spoon will fall to the ground and make a loud ‘clang’ noise which will frighten the hell out of them and alert everyone to their night-time antics.

Another trick I have used with great success is to use sticky tape on the side of the refrigerator door to seal it closed. When they try to open the refrigerator door they will find it is stuck closed. In the dim light of night they will become so confused they may give-up. or their swearing will wake-up the whole house-hold.

No wonder they say 666 is the number of the beast.

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