By Peter Zapfella and Coral Conrad.

Like climbing a mountain life presents us all with many experiences, those experiences often being accompanied by challenges. Those challenges can lead to us interpreting the world through negative emotions, self-limiting beliefs, phobias, addictions, bad habits, and behaviors.

Peter Zapfella and Coral Conrad often mention to their clients, it is a significant step to acknowledge when something needs to be changed, and another significant step to actually DO something to create that change.

Peter and Coral have the qualifications, skills, and experience to assist their clients to change. Many other therapies simply enable people to become aware of the need for change, without actually stepping through it.

So sometimes we choose to stay where we feel more comfortable, and that becomes our landscape of perceived security. For many of us, that landscape can be like a valley of green rolling hills that are easy to walk over or around. 

There are some ups and downs from time-to-time.

From these rolling hills, we can see above us. Some can see the mountain with its many challenges and snow-capped precipice beyond. Those who see the mountain may admire it, and some aspire to climb it.

journey to the mountain
Journey to the mountain

The forest that stands between the valley and the mountain appears to be dark and foreboding as sight is obscured by the towering trees. Some avoid the forest.

However, passing through the forest is a necessary path to reaching the mountain. The forest represents a recognition that life within the valley is severely limited, and not really as idyllic as previously thought.

Those of you reading this are to be congratulated as your courage and insight have taken you to the beginning of a wonderful journey beyond the forest.

For once the mountain is reached, we can proceed to climb, navigating the precipices, and eventually reach the pinnacle, taking in the view, not only of what is above us, but that which is all around us, above and below.

Some may call the mountain peak Enlightenment.

The Valley

Although it is sometimes lovely, even comfortable, to stay in the valley is to restrict our own personal growth and knowledge. Life’s difficulties are subject to causes beyond our understanding at that level.

Some people choose to stay stuck within their valley because of fears, phobias and other self-limiting beliefs and emotions. At that level, we may resign ourselves to the perceived illusion that we cannot change. It may even be traumatic in the valley, yet we stay and endure it.

The Forest

Venturing into the forest a person has the opportunity to experience solutions to the challenges of life, sourced from beyond. At first, there is less clarity and direction as the treetops and shadows obscure the view of the sun and the stars. Yet exciting discoveries can be made in the subtlest ways, as we encounter new insights and understandings, beyond limitation.

The Mountain

You have wandered beyond the valley and the forest. You have commenced your journey toward the mountain peaks beyond. The breathtaking views of life beyond the boundaries below await you, clear direction toward your goals, life-giving fresh air and energy, beyond the struggle and pain below.

As a result of many years of training and experience, Peter Zapfella and Coral Conrad can now guide you along a clear pathway toward your pinnacle of life experience, beyond limitation.

Peter and Coral have now paved the way, for you, to enjoy a speedy, safe, and illuminating path. With every session, you can progress further, beyond the limitations of your old landscape.

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