Welcome Strong Erection (Erectile Dysfunction) ED


Do you have trouble ‘getting it up’?

Up to one in every four men suffer from Erectile Dysfunction (ED) at some time in their life.

It is an extremely common problem which can be brought on by stress, anxiety, guilt, shame, exhaustion, tobacco smoking, drugs and alcohol.

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Welcome Strong Erections (for Erectile Dysfunction) ED MP3 has a choice of foreground variants for you to choose from. ‘Click here’ to hear samples.



Now you can welcome strong erections beyond past erectile dysfunction (ED).

Are you ready to be ‘rock hard’ again and again ‘on-demand’?

Are you ready to have better control of your sex life?

Welcoem Life Beyond Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction (ED) can have many causes, both physical and psychological.  Some of the most common causes include:

All men occasionally experience erectile dysfunction for any of these reasons. However, if you experience pain or erectile dysfunction (ED) continues for six weeks or more you should see your medical professional to rule out medical problems.

If you are concerned about erectile dysfunction (ED) you can do the following things to welcome a stronger erection.

  • Download and listen to the Welcome Strong Erections (Erectile Dysfunction – ED) subliminal affirmation MP3 daily, starting now.
  • Stop tobacco smoking. “In addition to damaging blood vessels, smoking may cause damage to penile tissue itself, making it less elastic and preventing it from stretching,” says Irwin Goldstein, M.D., a urologist at the Boston University medical center.
  • Take a holiday with your partner so you can de-stress.
  • Cut down or cut out alcohol consumption to prevent ‘brewers-droop’.
  • Eat the following to help get your body chemistry right:
  • Bananas – potassium and vitamin B.
  • Pumpkin seeds – zinc.
  • Leafy Green Vegetables such as celery, kale and spinach – trace minerals
  • Watermelon – arginine, an amino acid that encourages testosterone production.
  • Apricots – lycopene
  • Garlic – improves blood flow.
  • Citrus Fruits for vitamin C and flavanoids
  • Oysters for zinc, vitamin D, copper.
  • Beets for nitrates.
  • Blueberries for vitamin c and flavonoids.
  • Dark Chocolate – sugar-free.
  • Chilli Peppers
  • Pomegranate – arginine, an amino acid that encourages testosterone production.
  • Or, use supplements containing available quantities of these elements.

If you are not trying to have children, reduce the anxiety of an unwanted pregnancy. “The risk of a contraceptive failure can be a big source of anxiety for some men, especially those who’ve had a birth-control disaster—or a scare—in the past,” says Karen Donahey, Ph.D., director of the sex and marital-therapy program at Northwestern University. (If you think you might want children in the future, consider opening an account in a sperm bank)

This MP3 should be used in conjunction with Welcome No Stress and Anxiety and Welcome Life Beyond Depression and other MP’s relevant to your particular emotional challenges.

  • Guilt and shame related to sex is a definite ‘boner-killer’.  Book a one-on-one session with Peter Zapfella to overcome these and other negative emotional influences. Skype sessions available world-wide.
  • Skype therapy
  • Lose weight. Reduce the risk of diabetes Type Two by controlling your weight. More than 50 percent of all men with diabetes are also impotent.
  • Lose weight and boost your self-esteem and confidence too.
  • Physical damage to the penis is a common cause of ED. Rupture of the corposa cavernosa, the elongated “erectile chambers” that runs the length of your penis can result from your partner riding from on top, or thrusting too hard. You may need surgery to correct the problem?

corpus cavernosum

  • Physical fitness and a healthy diet directly influence penile health and great sex life.
  • Strengthening your pelvic floor muscles with kegel PC exercises every day are fundamental to strong erection control.
Welcome Strong Erection (Erectile Dysfunction) ED
Welcome Strong Erection (Erectile Dysfunction) ED
  • Peter Zapfella has written a FREE E-Book to accompany this MP3. It includes loads of valuable information, including detailed Kegel PC instructions. Ask for your copy to be sent to you when you order your Welcome Strong Erections (for Erectile Dysfunction) ED MP3.
Welcome Strong Erection (Erectile Dysfunction) ED
Welcome Strong Erection (Erectile Dysfunction) ED

Subliminal Affirmations; Strong Erection (Erectile Dysfunction) ED

Our self-talk is driven by our dominant emotions. The self-talk builds our self-beliefs which in turn create our behaviors. Habits are learned automatic behaviors.

Unconscious mind learnings


Are you a victim of circumstances beyond your control?

Are you at the ‘effect’ end of the ‘cause and effect’ paradigm?

Peter Zapfella

About Peter Zapfella, Understanding

What you think you become. Buddha

The more the Welcome Strong Erections (for Erectile Dysfunction) ED MP3 messages are repeated, the more they can be uncritically accepted by your unconscious as a new truth. A simple message, repeated enough, will eventually become a new unconscious belief.  As you live that modified belief your outward behaviors will reflect that inner change. The Welcome Strong Erections (for Erectile Dysfunction) ED MP3 will help you become that man.

 If you listen to the Welcome Strong Erections (for Erectile Dysfunction) ED MP3 MP3 while sleeping, on ‘repeat’ your unconscious mind will hear this message almost 400 times every night. If you were to listen to the ‘Environmental – Lake waves’ MP3 while sleeping, you could choose to also listen to the ‘Pleasant piano and guitar melody’ and/or the  ‘Zumba’ – Latin style dance music during the day. Then your deep unconscious would hear the affirmations repeated around 800 – 1200 times, while your logical conscious mind would hear it around 60 – 90 times. That’s powerful because a message repeated enough will become a new unconscious belief.

The Welcome Strong Erections (for Erectile Dysfunction) ED MP3 subliminal affirmations are clearly spoken once before they fade-down and ‘disappear’ from conscious awareness within masking music and environmental sounds, thereby foiling ‘adult’ conscious analytical thinking, which could otherwise ‘filter out’ messages. In this way, the listener knows for sure what their deep unconscious mind is hearing without listening to these messages its

Also because we all have different listening preferences, Welcome Strong Erections (for Erectile Dysfunction) ED MP3 has a choice of foreground variants for you to choose from. ‘Click here’ to hear samples.

Every one of us is unique. We have all had different life experiences and we react to them differently too.

Perhaps the cheapest and easiest option is to download and listen to Welcome Strong Erections (for Erectile Dysfunction) ED MP3 subliminal affirmations as recommended. This approach is very effective for many people.

An alternative option is to consult with Peter using Skype to complete diagnostics and a one-on-one interview where he can recommend the most appropriate supplements, nutrition, MP3 resources etc etc for your individual challenge.

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Otherwise you can consider one-on-one psychotherapy tailored to you,  the individual, using Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), hypnotherapy and the Emotional Alignment Technique.

If you had a bucket of mud (representing negative emotions and behaviors), but you wanted a bucket of clean freshwater (representing positive emotions and behaviors), you could put the bucket of mud under a tap and run fresh clean water (representing subliminal affirmations) into the bucket. You would still have a bucket of muddy water for a long time. That is why subliminal affirmations alone can take a lot of repetitions to achieve desired results. The effectiveness of any subliminal affirmation depends upon how often it is repeated and the intensity of the deep unconscious belief or presenting the challenge. Peter Zapfella uses his one-on-one therapies to ‘throw out’ or delete the mud (representing negative emotions and behaviors) and then you can choose to use the ‘Welcome’ subliminal affirmations to quickly and efficiently refill the bucket with fresh clean water (representing positive emotions and behaviors). No mud … 

Perhaps this is the single most important opportunity in your life up until this moment. Do yourself a favor, and download the Welcome Strong Erections (for Erectile Dysfunction) ED MP3 MP3 now. Then listen, and listen again. You will feel the force rising from within, with a strong sense of purpose to succeed.

Click on the ‘101’ image below to read the excellent reasons why ‘Welcome’ subliminal affirmations are your best choice.

Excellent reasons why




Subliminal Affirmation Text: Strong Erection (Erectile Dysfunction) ED

“You release past worry and stress now. You release all the past thoughts and feelings that caused the erectile dysfunction problem, in the past. You are calm and peaceful now. You are in control of your life now. You are happier now. Every day in every way you are stronger and stronger. You have better and better control of your erections, and it just grows and grows. You practice your kegel PC exercises every day, because they work miracles for you. Your erection can become ‘rock-hard’. You are proud of your erection, and it brings more pleasure and more pleasure. You are now more clear in the mind, more relaxed in the body. You are more confident and coping better with everything, and everybody. Because you know you are free of erectile dysfunction forever and ever.”

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Guarentee and Privacy PolicySatisfaction Guaranteed. We are so delighted with the Welcome Strong Erections (for Erectile Dysfunction) ED MP3 subliminal affirmations they come with the same industry-leading, lifetime money-back, guarantee as all ‘Welcome’ Subliminal Affirmations. ‘Click’ on the image to read details.


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