Lucky Four Leaf Clover


You would have to be lucky just to find a four leaf clover. They estimate the chances of finding one in a clover patch is about 1/10,000.

white clover
White clover

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Now you can have your own real Lucky Four Leaf Clover. These were personally grown by Peter Zapfella in his garden.

Because there are limited numbers available, these may change from ‘available now’ to available on ‘back-order’ only, from time-to-time.

Lucky 4 Leaf Clovers
Lucky 4 Leaf Clovers

History of the Lucky Four Leaf Clover;

We believe the four leaf clover was held in high esteem by the ancient Celtic Druid’s because;

  • Four leaf clovers are rare.
  • They represented the cycle of the seasons, spring, summer, autumn and winter. These seasons were paramount to the peoples agricultural way of life.
  • The four elements of nature, earth, water, air and fire. These were believed to be the ‘building blocks’ of everything. They are recognized in the Zodiac for example, where every ‘sign’ has one of these four elements.
  • The emerald green colour of clover is associated with Ireland, fertility and growth.
  • The four leaf clover was also said to possess certain magical influences.

Lucky Four Leaf Clover

When Saint Patrick introduced the Catholic Religion to the Celts in Ireland he drove the pagan Druid’s, or heathen ‘snakes’ as he called them, out of Ireland. It is said he countered the Druid’s when he picked up a Shamrock (a common three-leaf clover) saying it represented the Christian Trinity. As a result, the green 3 leaf clover or Shamrock became the symbol of Roman Catholic Ireland.

However, the importance and relevance of the Lucky Four Leaf Clover did not end with the Druid’s. It has not only continued through the ages, it has expanded around the world.

The Lucky Four Leaf Clover today;

It is believed;

Availability of Lucky Four Leaf Clovers;

Now you can have your very own Lucky Four Leaf Clover, grown by Peter Zapfella for just $9.99 each, post paid. Generous discounts available for bulk orders. Contact Peter Zapfella for details.

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