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The Welcome Fruit and Vegetables subliminal affirmations will help you to enjoy and welcome fruit and vegetables in your diet as the healthy choice ahead of junk food. You will find yourself enjoying fruit and vegetables more and more.

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Welcome Fruit and Vegetables has a choice of foreground variants for you to choose from. ‘Click here’ to hear samples.


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Fruits and vegetables provide a wide range of taste and texture experiences. They can be eaten raw, steamed, stir-fried, blanched, roasted, stewed, barbecued and in soups, casseroles and more. People who Welcome Fruit and Vegetables as part of an overall healthy diet generally have a reduced risk of chronic diseases.

Welcome Fruits and Vegetables

  • Eating a diet rich in fruit and vegetables may reduce risk for stroke and other cardiovascular diseases. The Harvard University – Nurses’ Health Study showed people who ate eight or more serves a day of fruit and vegetables were 30 percent less likely to have had a heart attack or stroke, than those who ate 1.5 serves a day.
  • A diet high in sodium (salt) and low in fruits and vegetables will contribute to higher blood pressure.
  • A diet of animal fats (found in beef and pork) has been linked to cancer; so replacing those with a diet high in fruits and veggies will lower the risk of cancer. Specifically, dark leafy greens and deep orange fruits may protect against certain cancers, according to the American Institute for Cancer Research (AICR). Health authorities say we should limit red meat consumption to no more than one meal a week, while eggs and whole grains are safe.
  • Fruit and vegetables are low in calories by weight. Therefore they can aid in weight control. The Albert Einstein College of Medicine has found overweight and obese Americans eat fewer servings of fruits and vegetables than healthy-weight people.
  • Tulane University research has found the consumption of green leafy vegetables and fruit is associated with a lower type-2 diabetes risk.
  • Eating too few fruits and veggies can result in nutrient deficiencies.
  • The generally high fiber content of fruit and vegetables protects against constipation, hemorrhoids, and diverticulosis.
  • Researchers are now connecting the dots between what we eat and our mental health. For example, a Spanish study has revealed people with a diet high in fruits and vegetables experience a lower incidence of depression. It is thought deficiencies in some nutrients found in fruits and vegetables, such as pantothenic acid and vitamin B6, could be a cause of increased depression in people who do not get enough of these nutrients in their daily diet.
  • Fruit and vegetable juices.

Fruits and vegetables are edible plant products. Botanically speaking, fruits are the seed-bearing structures that develop from the ovary of a fertilized flowering plant. Whereas vegetables are any and all other plant parts, including roots, leaves, and stems. We tend to think of fruits as sweet. However, they may be dry and savory too.

Sweet, seedy plant parts such as apples, grapes, lemons, oranges, kiwifruit, mango, peaches, pears, and strawberries are fruits. While strictly botanically speaking, cereal grains, such as corn, rice, barley, and wheat, are a fruit called caryopsisBean pods, corn kernels, tomatoes, are also fruits. Berries are another type of fleshy fruit.

Root plant parts, such as potatoes and turnips, leaves such as spinach and lettuce, and stems such as celery and broccoli are all vegetables. Herbs and spices used in cooking are almost always vegetables.

Our unconscious mind gathers information to create beliefs. These beliefs drive our behaviors and emotions too. Our unconscious mind is the ‘foreman’ of the metabolism. So, we can create unconscious emotions and beliefs to welcome more lucky opportunities.

Unconscious mind learnings

‘Welcome’ Subliminal Affirmations; Welcome Fruit and Vegetables

Because the deep unconscious has similar perceptions to a child it is often called ‘the child within’ in psychology.  Therefore, just like a small child, a simple message repeated, will eventually become a new deep unconscious belief.

‘Welcome’ subliminal affirmations are read once aloud so that your conscious mind can hear the affirmation and logically approve it before it slips down below normal conscious awareness below the level of the foreground environmental sounds or music. In this way, the conscious mind, which acts as a sort of ‘filter’ or ‘gate-keeper’ can not only approve of the affirmation content first, but it can occasionally be logically influenced by the message too.

If you listen carefully enough you may perceive the affirmations from time-to-time in the silent moments of the foreground sounds. Research has confirmed that so-called ‘silent’ affirmations that cannot be perceived are ineffective and useless (except as placebo’s) because they are ‘silent’.

Only ‘Welcome’ subliminal affirmations feature these important properties. They have been designed, based upon research, so your conscious mind will logically accept the affirmations and ‘unlock the gateway’ to your deep unconscious. Which is the domain of emotions, beliefs, and behaviours.

When ‘Welcome’ subliminal affirmations are used to ‘lock-in’ the deep unconscious shift achieved following one-on-one therapy with Peter Zapfella the results can be nothing less than miraculous.

The more the Welcome Fruit and Vegetables messages are repeated over and over, the more they are uncritically accepted by the deep unconscious. If you listen to the Welcome Fruit and Vegetables MP3 while sleeping, on ‘repeat’ your unconscious mind will hear this message almost 400 times every night. If you were to listen to the ‘Environmental – Lake waves’ MP3 while sleeping, you could choose to also listen to the ‘Pleasant piano and guitar melody’ and/or the  ‘Zumba’ – Latin style dance music during the day. Then your deep unconscious would hear the affirmations repeated around 800 – 1200 times, while your logical conscious mind would hear it around 60 – 90 times. That’s powerful because a message repeated enough will become a new unconscious belief.

Also because we all have different listening preferences, Welcome Fruit and Vegetables has a choice of foreground variants for you to choose from. ‘Click here’ to hear samples.

Perhaps the cheapest and easiest option is to download and listen to Welcome Fruit and Vegetables subliminal affirmations as recommended. This approach is very effective for many people.

An alternative option is to consult with Peter using Skype to complete diagnostics and a one-on-one interview where he can recommend the most appropriate supplements, nutrition, MP3 resources etc for your individual challenge.

Otherwise, you can consider one-on-one psychotherapy tailored to you,  the individual, using Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), hypnotherapy  ‘Click’ on the  skypetherapy.Live. image to read details.



The Welcome Fruit and Vegetables MP3 can be most effectively used as a long-term maintenance resource to ‘lock-in’ the new unconscious beliefs, following one-on-one therapy with Peter Zapfella.

Now you can listen to Welcome Fruit and Vegetables subliminals when ready to sleep and let these gentle and encouraging words guide your unconscious mind into the realms of dreams.

Sleep while listening to 'Welcome' subliminal affirmations.

Subliminal Affirmation Text: Welcome Fruit and Vegetables

You know fruit and vegetables are the healthy, nutritious option.

You enjoy the variety of choices fruit and vegetables offer.

You prefer and choose fruit and vegetables before junk food.

You love to eat fruit and vegetables.

You are now more clear in the mind, more relaxed in the body, you are coping better with everything and everybody… more confident… greater self-control… the way you feel is becoming better and better… because the burden has been lifted forever and ever now that you welcome more fruit and vegetable into your daily diet.”



Please read the Subliminal Listening Guide before use.

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